This article is one of the Unity Classics written by legendary leaders of Unity. Some date back decades, even a century. That’s why the language may seem a bit formal, and the writers sometimes used masculine nouns and pronouns that were considered proper for their era.

Some time ago when I was experiencing a distressing mental, emotional, and physical challenge, the affirming of “Thank You, God!” brought me through—bridging the gap between doubt and inner knowing, discouragement and upliftment, fear and faith. During this period of months spent in seeking, listening, and following guidance from within as I could best understand it, thankfulness helped more than any other method of prayer. I found it to be a miracle-working process of thought and feeling that first brought about inner transformation, then outer healing.

“Thank You, God!” earnestly voiced again and again built for me a strong ladder of consciousness on which I could climb upward toward the light of Truth to find the answers, help, and healing I desired. It can do the same for you!

Let the words “Thank You, God!” lift you up right now!

Let them bring you out of the darkness into the light. Let them build for you a new realization of the powerful potentials that lie within you, ready to come forth through the very challenge you face at this time.

Let the words “Thank You, God!” become a habit. Let them start your days and fill your nights, until you consistently think and feel and know thankfulness through and through your whole being, from tip to toe and inside out.

Thank God in the good times and in the bad.

Thank God when you feel like it and when you do not. Thank God for your environment and for the people around you. Thank God for the healing of the body and for the growing of the soul. Thank God and thank God and then, thank God again! ...

“The highest form of prayer is to open our mind and quietly realize that the one omnipresent intelligence knows our thoughts and instantly answers, even before we have audibly expressed our desires. This being true, we should ask and at the same time give thanks that we have already received.” ...

Charles Fillmore

Do you remember the healing of Lazarus as related in the New Testament? When Jesus came to call Lazarus forth from the tomb, His words were, "Father, I thank you" (Jn. 11:41) and they were uttered before the healing was evident, before Lazarus walked from the tomb!

Jesus said that he spoke these words aloud "for the sake of" those who stood watching. We need to speak the words “Thank You, God!” aloud for the sake of the states of mind and heart which may want to hold us back from acceptance of our highest expression of good, for the sake of timid attitudes which are afraid to ask too much. The very cells of our bodies need to hear “Thank You, God!”

Everything within us and without us responds to “Thank You, God!”

About the Author

Rev. Mary L. Kupferle (1916–2003) was a prominent Unity minister in Florida whose articles appeared in Unity Magazine®, Daily Word®, and other Unity publications beginning in 1944. With special emphasis on prayer, she inspired millions of readers through her writings, including the classic book God Will See You Through.

Mary Kupferle


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