What Is Affirmative Prayer?

Affirmative means agreeing with a statement; being supportive, hopeful, or encouraging. In North America some people say “affirmative” when they mean “yes.” To affirm is to make a positive statement.

We call communication with God prayer. Many of us were taught to say “Dear God” in supplication to an entity outside ourselves, but our communication with God can change just as we do.

God is good and therefore we exist in a universe of good. God living in, through, and as us is all good, affirmative, and positive.

The place where we meet God is within ourselves, the inner sanctuary, the heart temple. We can retreat to this inner sanctuary anytime, anywhere.

What Is an Example of Affirmative Prayer?

Here is one simple way to pray affirmatively:

  • Become still. Breathe intentionally and slowly to calm yourself.
  • With each breath out, release resistance.
  • With each breath in, mentally move your thoughts to your heart.

Form a Positive Statement to Focus on and Repeat at Least Three Times.

A positive statement is affirmative, simple, and clear. A statement such as “I receive only good” or “Health is my nature” shifts your thoughts to an elevated, more positive outlook.”

Why Positive Prayer Works

By Rev. Toni Stephens Coleman

In The Handbook of Positive Prayer, author Hypatia Hasbrouck says positive, affirmative prayer works because of the law of mind action. “Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.” Or, “What we think about, we bring about.”

We don’t want to pray by focusing on our problems and restating all the difficulties and issues. We want to hold our thoughts on a higher plane.

“Positive prayer is the way to form a permanent attitude of mind that reflects the eternal, benevolent activity of God so that we may truly express our nature as children of God, created in God’s image to express God’s likeness here on Earth.”

Hypatia Hasbrouck


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