What Is Creative Work?

Creative work is a manifestation of your creative spirit. The divine gift of creativity expresses uniquely through each of us. When our creativity has an outlet for conscious expression, we connect with divine inspiration and our own divine nature.

What Is an Example of Creative Work?

Creative work may include expressing the self through sculpture, painting, performance, dance, writing, filmmaking, and music, or even gardening and cooking. The creative process may be solitary or a group effort.

Why Creative Work Matters to Spiritual Growth

By Rev. DeeAnn Weir Morency

We can lose ourselves in the midst of creative work and touch something larger than we thought ourselves to be. Time spent immersed in creative work becomes a joyful and nurturing spiritual practice. We feel centered, renewed, and invigorated.

Creative expression invites us to touch inspiration—to be breathed by God. We can quiet our minds and not be attached to something looking a certain way. We can allow ourselves to be guided from within and see what emerges organically.

When we step into the pure joy of creating, we can access an inner awareness of freedom and divine flow. 

Whether you are cooking a delicious meal, painting from your heart, dancing in your living room, scrapbooking, or designing and building a new garden shed, allowing yourself to embrace and express your creativity is a powerful spiritual practice that supports every aspect of your life. When you trust inspiration and creativity in one arena, you open yourself to inspiration in all that you do.

Take time to draw, cook, dance, write, sew, design, build, sing, and express your creativity in any way that emerges. Cultivate the freedom of pure creation. Embrace the process and let go of any attachment to a result. The joy of being fully present to that process is a powerful way to connect with the divinity you are.


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