Journaling is a writing practice that allows you to connect internally and express yourself.

What Is Journaling?

Journaling helps energize, uplift, and organize thoughts to create a life of one’s imagining. An important spiritual tool, journaling allows creative ideas and subconscious attitudes to reveal themselves, accessing the unlimited power of Divine Presence as you.

What Is an Example of Journaling?

Journaling is traditionally a writing practice, although it can include typing on a tablet or laptop or speaking into a recorder. You may choose to create a specific type of journal such as an intention journal or a gratitude journal, or a more general reflection journal.

Why Journaling Changes Your Spiritual Practice

By Rev. Lesley Miller

Journaling is a powerful and practical way to increase awareness of the inner, spiritual self that resides at deeper levels of consciousness.

As individual, creative expressions of God, each of us has unique, personal desires, dreams, interests, goals, body needs, and purposes in life. There may also be pain, fear, and grief that yearn to be healed.

Journaling slows down the brain, connecting heart and mind in a creative, spiritual process that clarifies thoughts and feelings of the whole self, allowing new awareness through self-reflection.

The insights that come from journaling help us make choices aligned with Source, choices that throughout time and with greater self-knowledge can bring positive change.

Journals also provide a record of achievements as well as a healthy way to stay motivated, work through setbacks and frustrations, and heal relationships, especially those with ourselves.

As with meditation and prayer, developing a habit of journaling grows with practice.

There is no right or wrong way to journal.

Whether longhand in a special notebook or on a computer, journaling makes a space for more than just feelings or sorting out what happened. Make it your own with gratitude lists, sketches, mind maps, goals, ideas for projects, things to do, or places to go.


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