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Welcome to the 29th annual World Day of Prayer online event!

This year’s theme is “Holding the High Watch.” The affirmation helps each of us apply it to our lives: I pray with an elevated mind and open heart.

Please make plans to join us online for the opening ceremony on Wednesday, September 7, at 7 p.m. (CT), and immerse yourself in prayer, music, and contemplation.

You may participate in all the 2022 World Day of Prayer events using Zoom. Registration is free and requires only your email address.

Guiding Prayer

We invite you to contemplate this year’s guiding prayer.

With an inward and upward gaze, I rise from human concerns so that I might revel in the indwelling Spirit. I take my place in the seat of prayer, in the radiance of divine light. I hold the high watch for all people, knowing the truth of oneness and wholeness.

I am one with divine love that lifts the sorrowful and suffering. I am one with divine life by which they heal. I am one with divine wisdom that beams like a lighthouse, shining light on their path ahead.

My eyes of faith have a view of the horizon up here on the mountaintop of awareness. I wait, watchfully. I view the fulfillment of dreams and intentions, for me and for all those with whom I pray, without obstruction and in a state of expectancy. My vision is far-reaching as I hold the high watch. I say, “Amen, let it be.” And so it is.

As we await the 2022 World Day of Prayer, spend time with each of the reflection questions, and make sure to submit your prayer requests. Unity World Day of Prayer is also grateful to be supported by the loving and generous offerings of friends like you. Consider making a donation today to help further support our mission.

Opening Ceremony Presenters

Rev. Kathy Beasley
Unity Prayer Ministry Operations Manager

Rev. Tawnicia Ferguson Rowan
Adult Education Ministry, Universal Truth Center in Miami Gardens, Florida

Rev. Chris Jackson
Cosenior Minister at Unity on the Bay, Miami, Florida

Rev.Evin Wilkins
Cominister, Courageous Living in Unity

Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett
Vice President of Unity Prayer Ministry

Make plans to join us on Zoomfor the opening ceremony as Unity leaders share their experiences with the affirmation: I pray with an elevated mind and open heart.

The ceremony will include uplifting music and time for you to connect with the Unity global community.


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