At Unity Village, we observe the passing of the old year and the dawning of the new with a burning bowl ceremony. Thousands participate from around the globe by mailing or emailing Unity their lists of what they want to release as they enter a new year—those habits or thoughts that no longer serve them. Then they watch the ceremony on Facebook as their old ways of thinking and living are dropped into a fire and go up in smoke!

By burning away that which you wish to leave in the old year, may you embrace the promise of hope in the new year. Together we create a future filled with possibility.

What Is a Burning Bowl Ceremony?

The burning bowl ceremony is a fire ceremony that helps us release old, unwanted conditions or events in our lives.

The ceremony begins with music and prayer, then moves into a ritual burning of the papers on which participants have written what they want to release. In so doing, we name and let go of the old that no longer serves us—and make way for new beginnings.

The ceremony invites you to set your heart ablaze with the promise of a wonderful year ahead.

How to Participate in a Unity Burning Bowl Ceremony

During the month of December, watch your postal mail and email for reminders from our Outreach team. They will invite you to submit your burning bowl release.

You will be invited to let go of anything that no longer serves you through the powerful and symbolic release of the burning bowl ritual. Then watch the event on Facebook Live.

To ensure you receive a reminder for the Unity Burning Bowl Ceremony, please subscribe to the Unity4Today newsletter. You may also follow Unity on Facebook.


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