How can I elevate my mind?

When I feel overloaded with my human circumstances, when the world presses in from all sides, how do I shift into prayer? What spiritual tools do I employ to calm human concerns, harness the power of mind, and open my heart?

“We have no independent mind; there is only universal Mind; but we have consciousness in that mind and we have control over that consciousness. We have control over our own thoughts, and our thoughts make up our consciousness.”

—Charles Fillmore, Keep a True Lent

What does it mean to hold the high watch?

Holding the high watch is our ability to slip into the state of silence, beyond thoughts, upholding the truth for those with whom we pray. How do I transition from conscious thought to spiritual silence? How do I proceed when becoming aware of intrusive thoughts?

“True prayer brings about an exalted radiation of energy, and when it is accompanied by faith, judgment, and love, the word of Truth bursts forth in a stream of light that, when held in mind, illumines, uplifts, and glorifies.”

—Charles Fillmore, Atom-Smashing Power of Mind

How does my prayer make a difference?

With my participation in World Day of Prayer, I become part of a global consciousness for individual as well as collective prayer intentions. What inner spiritual capacities can I recognize, claim, and hold as my contribution? How might I foster peace of mind in support of peace in the world?

“The way to heal the nations is to start in our own consciousness. Let us get in touch with the great spiritual reservoir of love and harmony within us. Then let our harmonious radiance brighten our own homes, let it radiate to our government, and then to the whole world. Peace begins in the center of our own harmonious consciousness.”

—May Rowland, Dare to Believe!