Use these World Day of Prayer reflection questions as prompts to contemplate and deepen your personal prayer practice for healing.

Whether the need is for physical health, emotional relief, improved relationships, prosperity, or world peace, healing is the intention of every prayer. How do you exercise your faculty of faith when you pray for healing?

Spiritual healing depends on faith, and there cannot be faith while the mind is holding thoughts directly opposed to the possibility of healing. It is therefore very necessary to dwell much on the love and power of God so that a steady, unwavering faith may be established.

—Charles Fillmore, Atom-Smashing Power of Mind

Describe practices you engage in to achieve inner peace. What is the role of forgiveness in healing? How do you resolve emotional discord as part of healing?

Jesus gave us the consciousness of peace. “My peace I give unto you.” The mind of peace precedes bodily healing. Cast out enmity and anger and affirm the peace of Jesus Christ, and your healing will be swift and sure.

—Charles Fillmore, Jesus Christ Heals

Myrtle Fillmore taught that healing involves affirming the Truth and demonstrating it. What is the Truth of wholeness, and how might you demonstrate it?

The way to healing is first of all to reeducate the mind and to establish the Truth in all the faculties; then to see the reality of the body and its functions and to stamp every part with the perfect pattern, which is God-given and known as the [divine human], the outpicturing of the Christ ideas in individual consciousness; then to study the living habits and make them conform to the truth that good only is real and abiding and truly active.

—Myrtle Fillmore, Myrtle Fillmore’s Healing Letters