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Unity Archives, formerly the Unity Library and Archives, has one of the largest collections of Unity and New Thought material in the world. The publications, periodicals, digital, audiovisual, and artifacts collections form the most comprehensive resources available about the Unity movement—creating a vital link between our past and future.

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Treasures of the Archives

Posts on social media as well as the website will feature an in-depth look at pieces from the history of Unity.

Rev. Ruth Mosley, Unity Urban Ministerial School, educating black Unity ministers

“What can we do to help your people?”

That was the question Stan Hampson, minister of Unity Village Chapel, asked Ruth Mosley in response to an article in the February 1978 issue of...

Rev. Ruth M. Mosley

Ruth M. Mosley was born March 10, 1930, the eldest child of Myles and Versie Newborn in Olive Branch, Mississippi, a town whose name symbolizes the biblical story of a dove bringing a branch to Noah and a state known at the time for its poor economy, poor education, poor judicial system, poor...

Sallye Taylor, Rev Sallye Coe Taylor, Unity Minister Black History Month, Unity History

Rev. Sallye Coe Taylor, ordained a Unity minister in 1979, forged a path with heart in the Unity movement, a path that was uniquely hers.

The phrase “from a path with heart” was emblazoned on the front page of the newsletter she lovingly created and published as a product of...