The Unity Digital Archive and Museum contains millions of items that document the growth of Unity, from correspondence and photographs to film reels, pamphlets, magazines, and more. It will continue to grow as more archival items are digitally preserved.

The Unity Digital History Project

In partnership with HistoryIT, a comprehensive digital archive service, this project was created to preserve and disseminate the teachings of Unity founders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore and other legendary Unity leaders and publications. HistoryIT founder Kristen Gwinn-Becker, Ph.D., grew up in Unity and is passionate about sharing Unity stories and perspectives with the world. With this project, we will create searchable, digital collections and curated exhibits, ensuring information is accessible online, now and in the future.

The Unity Digital Archive and Museum uses digital imaging preservation, which creates large assets that meet an international standard as a preservation file and can be converted to other formats in the future.

An overview of the Digital Archive project

HistoryIT founder and CEO Kristen Gwinn-Becker and her connection to Unity

How to use the Digital Archive

The Myrtle Fillmore Collection

Myrtle Fillmore’s healing experience through prayer and the power of thought led her to cofound Unity with her husband, Charles Fillmore. The Myrtle Fillmore collection includes personal papers, photographs, teachings, and her thoughtful, joy-filled letters. When you go to the Myrtle Fillmore Collection, you’ll find an introductory exhibit with an overview of her life and teachings. It will include many more links to items in the full archive.

A portrait of Myrtle Fillmore

The Charles Fillmore Collection

Charles Fillmore cofounded the Unity spiritual movement with his wife Myrtle in 1889, part of a growing philosophy called New Thought, a successor to Transcendentalism. Charles and Myrtle both healed lifelong ailments through the power of mind over body, and they sought to share the universal principles they were learning, drawing from the world’s religions. This collection opens in late 2024 and will include documents, sermons, photographs, and unpublished material.

A portrait of Charles Fillmore

The Eric Butterworth Collection

Eric Butterworth (1916–2003) was a Unity minister, author, scholar, and educator devoted to helping people discover the power within. The Eric Butterworth collection features correspondence, lectures, radio talks, manuscripts, service bulletins, notes, periodicals, books, articles, newspaper clippings, and photographs.

A portrait of Eric Butterworth