Speaking My Truth, Authentically and Fearlessly by Rev. Mary Wood

Speaking My Truth, Authentically and Fearlessly

Rev. Mary Wood discusses how she found self-acceptance as a stutterer with faith in God and truth found in Unity teachings.

Faith Over Fear by Rev. Gaylon McDowell - A man standing on the edge of a cliff underneath blue skies

Faith Over Fear

Rev. Gaylon McDowell discusses how to harness faith to navigate life’s changes and shape your reality.

From Fearing the Worst to Expecting the Best By Michaelle Washington

From Fearing the Worst to Expecting the Best

After a lifetime wondering What’s the worst that could happen? Michaelle Washington begins expecting the best—and finding a healing mantra in the call to be still through meditation.

Angry Anxious 1600x630

Anxious and Angry? Reclaim Your Spiritual Center

Spiritual Resources for Turbulent Times When the news seems relentlessly bad, when you feel despair for the state of the

Saving Simon The Miracle Dog July 2022 DW

Saving Simon: The Miracle Dog

I have long believed I am divinely guided and that with God nothing is impossible. I put that belief to

Taming Inner Critic Zen Executive 1600x630

Taming the Inner Critic

It’s often our own self-talk that trips us up, not external factors and circumstances, and that negative inner voice can


The Positive Prayer Wheel For the Cycles of Life

These 50 blessings will honor your life's biggest milestones. In a convenient swivel deck, you can take affirmative prayer everywhere.

Unity Magazine 0506 2022 Unity Principles

Unity Principles Freed Me from Fear

As children, we are conditioned to accept what our parents believe, often including their religious beliefs. I was raised Baptist

Article UMAG 0304 2022 SSV Value Visualization 1600x630

The Value of Visualization

I had my first dance performance on stage when I was 3. Before the recital, my teacher was getting frustrated


Fear Not: Messages of Assurance

This collection of short essays offers uplifting messages of faith, self-worth, and assurance.


Listening in with … Seane Corn

Shift Your Perspective, Heal Your Trauma, and Open Your Heart Seane Corn is one of the most high-profile yoginis on


30 Days to Fearless Living Booklet

This timeless collection will be a spiritual guidepost you turn to again and again. Download Now 30 Days to Fearless


Embracing Change

Affirmation: My life is enlivened and enriched by a new perspective. “When you know that you are Spirit, you are


Understanding Our Inner Critic

I would like to focus on self-talk and exploring the detrimental effects of the negative inner voice. Sadly, many of


You Are Not Your Thoughts

Plant flowers in your mind, not weeds. So let’s begin with what will be the most important and maybe most


Unity Spiritual Tool: Forgiveness

What Is Forgiveness? Forgiveness is the act of releasing ourselves from the bondage of an ongoing negative connection. Forgiveness resurrects


Letting Go of Concern in the Midst of Change

Affirmation: I let go of any concern and allow good to unfold in my life. This article is not a