Unity Spiritual Tool: The Silence

The Silence is a holy place, a place of stillness and peace. It is not far away—it is right where

My Heartfelt Gratitude for Daily Word

My Heartfelt Gratitude for Daily Word

Diana Lee Loper shares her miraculous journey of surviving a heart attack, highlighting the profound impact of Daily Word and prayer in her life.


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A Prayer for Children: Divine Order

Laura Duksta's prayer helps children and families see divine order in every moment, revealing that each event in life is part of a greater plan.

Mapa para experimentar la Verdad por Rev. Luzette Rivera-Diez

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A Prayer for Children: Imagination

Encourage imagination in prayer by envisioning together the joy of shared prayers and dreams and more in this children’s blessing by Rev. Bronte Colbert.


A Prayer for Children: Inner Strength

Help children discover their inner strength to navigate life's uncertainties in this children's blessing from Rev. Julie Boniger.


Prayers for Earth

Connect with the sacredness of the natural world and express gratitude for our planet with these heartfelt prayers for the earth.


Unity Spiritual Tool: Meditation

What Is Meditation? Meditation is the conscious direction of one's attention to the inner self. You begin by relaxing your

A children's drawing of a field with apple trees, a river, and signs that point to apples, pears, and oranges.

A Prayer for Children: Letting Go

Embrace change as a natural rhythm of life. Learn how to let go with love and trust in divine guidance in this children’s prayer by Steven Ray.

Easter: Your Overcoming Power, A Spiritual Practice for Lent 2022

Easter: Your Overcoming Power

Understanding the potential within us and proclaiming our spiritual wholeness in Christ Easter has fascinated people for almost 2,000 years

Share Your Prayer Story. Silent Unity March 2024.

What’s Your Prayer Story?

No matter where you are, Silent Unity® is here to pray with you. Share how prayer with Silent Unity has been an active force in your life.

In Stillness by Karen Nowicki

In Stillness

In this poem by Karen Nowicki, embrace the serenity of stillness, where letting go brings strength.


A Prayer for Children: Facing Fear

Trish Yancey provides insightful tips on facing and overcoming fear in this children’s prayer.

Prayer: The Common Denominator by Rev. Gaylon McDowell - The hands of a Black man in a tan suit turning the pages of a Bible

Prayer: The Common Denominator

Rev. Gaylon McDowell shares his path from traditional Pentecostalism to New Thought, illustrating how prayer transformed his life and brought healing.


A Prayer for Children: Friendship

Rev. Bronte Colbert illuminates the path to fostering meaningful friendships and nurturing bonds that last a lifetime in this heartfelt children's prayer.


A Prayer for Children: Setting Intentions

Discover the power of setting intentions for a brighter future with intentional living in this transformative children’s prayer by Trish Yancey.

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