Making Time for Me by Peggy Toney Horton

Making Time for Me

Modern life keeps us busy, and it’s easy to skip out on our sacred time to make room in our days. But making time for God is making time for ourselves, as Peggy Toney Horton found in the midst of a difficult time.


A Prayer for Children: Inspiration

When we claim our divine inheritance, we walk in the light of God—and shine our own lights to inspire the world. This prayer from Dr. Araceli Marchan is for children of all ages.


Unity Prayer Ministry

We invite you to experience our numerous prayer resources. You'll find tools and activities to motivate and support you every


A Prayer for Children: Grief

How to Help Children Through Grief Grief is a part of life we are rarely prepared for and one that


Historic Connection of Prayer and Unity

Prayer is the founding centerpiece of Unity. The healing power of affirmative prayer started in the 1880s when Charles and


A Prayer for Children: Overcoming Fear

Making Fear Welcome Fear often gets a bad rap. Aside from those who enjoy roller coasters or scary movies, most


A Prayer for Children: Guidance and Faith

Leaning on the side of faith Fomenting the sense of security and stability while we live in a world that

Affirmative Prayer for the 21st Century: A Unity Prayer Ministry Training
Online Event

From Unity Prayer Ministry

Learn to pray the Unity way.


A Prayer for Children: Healing

Five ways to heal and thrive The concepts of wounding and healing can be difficult for children to understand and

April 2022 Booklet Five Principles for Spiritual Living

Five Principles for Spiritual Living Booklet

Living a spiritual life stems from understanding a few universal principles that are available to us all. The new Unity

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A Prayer for Children: Prayer and Meditation

Teaching the power of the pause Our world can seem like such a whirlwind—with so much swirling and churning inside

Spiritual Being A 12 Powers Self Guided Retreat Kit
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Take Time for Yourself

Support your mind, body, and spirit anytime, anywhere

Always Here for You: The Prayers of Silent Unity booklet

Always Here for You: The Prayers of Silent Unity

Prayer has the power to transform lives. That’s why—no matter the request—Silent Unity® is ready to pray with you. As

Easter: Your Overcoming Power, A Spiritual Practice for Lent 2022

Easter: Your Overcoming Power

Understanding the potential within us and proclaiming our spiritual wholeness in Christ Easter has fascinated people for almost 2,000 years


A Prayer for Children: Prosperity

Prosperity Is Being Aware of God’s Good When most people hear the word prosperity, they automatically think about material possessions

Prayer for Protection Ornament
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“Prayer for Protection” Ornament

Wherever this ornament is, God is. For the holidays or anytime.


Release and Renew 2022: A Spiritual Practice for Lent

Lent is often thought of as a time to give up something. In this season of change, Release and Renew


The Positive Prayer Wheel For the Cycles of Life

These 50 blessings will honor your life's biggest milestones. In a convenient swivel deck, you can take affirmative prayer everywhere.


A Prayer for Children: Joy and Happiness

The joy of being that dwells within the present Hearing a child laugh lightens your mood and puts a smile


Forgiving from Within

Following the Christ within us to find peace Today I imagine myself sitting next to Jesus and looking into his

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