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An Unexpected Mindfulness Teacher

My Mindfulness Teacher Several weeks ago, I looked out my window and discovered a young fawn curled up against the

Worthy of Wonder: A Journal of Self-Discovery

Worthy of Wonder: A Journal of Self-Discovery

Creative Exercises and Spiritual Motivation to Guide You

God's Ambassador of Love DW April 2022

God’s Ambassador of Love

New Thought author Emmet Fox wrote, “What you think upon grows. Whatever you allow to occupy your mind you magnify

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Reframing the Challenges of Childhood

I’m 8 years old, trying to focus on what my tall, lanky, fourth-grade geography teacher Mr. Brow is saying. This


A Prayer for Children: Gratitude

Turning what we have into more than enough When my daughter and I are riding in the car together, we


Being Grateful

It is unfortunate how many people allow their negative, fear-ridden thoughts to control their lives and their reality. The truth


Cultivating Gratitude

November, 2021 Dear Friend, I am just back from an oft-deferred and much-needed vacation. It was everything I had been


You Are Worthy

We may not always feel worthy in every moment. But when we relax into the knowing that God’s presence is


The Power of Gratitude 

It has not been the habit of the majority of the human race to think of gratitude as a generator


Unconditional Gratitude: Finding Resilience and Well-Being

Is it possible to be grateful in challenging times? Our well-being depends on it, but how do we achieve it


Gratitude As Medicine

The word gratitude is widely used these days, but do you know the difference between thinking it and feeling it


Gratitude and Grace Booklet

When the grace of God lives in us—when we know God doesn’t leave us even for a moment—there’s always hope


A Prayer of Gratitude

As we focus our thoughts on the idea of gratitude, we see the world in a new way, a new


I Am So Blessed

Enjoy this inspirational video of singer Karen Drucker.


Get Up, My Son

When I tell you that God actually spoke to me, you might think I’m nuts. Most people would. But you


How to Raise Your Gratitude Quotient

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.1 Thessalonians 5:18 Some


The Great Fullness of Life: Part 1 

I have often heard the phrase “In all things, we give thanks.” I must confess that sometimes I have silently


The Great Fullness of Life: Part 2

The other morning I had a meltdown. By meltdown, I mean I was crying so hard I couldn’t catch my


Big Gratitude

It was late June in a dry summer when the dog showed up at the house, looking for water. He