Turning what we have into more than enough

When my daughter and I are riding in the car together, we play this little game called the gratitude game. We put on our imaginary gratitude glasses, and one by one, we take turns naming the things we are thankful for.

At first, the game flows pretty easily because we begin by listing all the obvious things. We’re thankful for waking up this morning and for the fresh, life-giving air we breathe. We are thankful for each other, for family and friends, and for our warm, loving, comfortable home.

Then we gradually progress to being grateful for the trees, the birds, and a safe ride to school and home. Pretty soon, though, as the game goes on, it becomes more challenging. We are forced to look deeper for things to be thankful for.

Eventually we start identifying those little things and moments that we might have overlooked before, like: I’m grateful for the stranger who opened the door for me when I was walking into the store. I’m grateful for the person who gave me a compliment about my hair this morning because it really made me feel special today. I’m grateful that I had enough lunch today to share with someone who had none.

A Prayer for Children: Gratitude

It’s exciting to continue the game for as long as we possibly can. It encourages us to take a deeper look at the many blessings that surround us, even the ones we may not have paid close attention to before. It also reminds us to take the time to say thank you, because we all have so much to be thankful for.

Gratitude turns what we have into more than enough.

By the end of the game, our hearts feel happy and light and full of hope for the blessings that are on their way to us!

I encourage you play the gratitude game with your family or friends. You can even do it when you are alone. Challenge yourself to play for as long as you can. Look deep within your heart, and fill your list with the amazing blessings that surround you. Have fun playing and counting your many blessings one by one.

A Prayer of Gratitude for All Children

As I bask in the presence of pure being, my awareness of this present moment increases. My heart is filled with gratitude and appreciation for children everywhere. I sow seeds of love and look for loving qualities in all God’s children. I help to nurture their growth by accepting them just as they are. I see the unfolding of their divine potential as they grow into greater expressions of themselves. With a grateful heart, I know and trust that all is well.

A Shared Family Prayer of Gratitude

As we join together to strengthen our gratitude muscle, we take a cleansing breath and infuse our hearts with light as we connect with the Christ presence within. What a blessing it is to be alive in this glorious moment! We bask in the splendor of God’s many creations and stand in awe of the beauty that surrounds us. We hold these divine thoughts in our minds and feel warmth, love, and appreciation flooding our bodies. With outstretched arms, we graciously proclaim, “Thank you, dear God, for everything.”

Together we affirm:

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About the Author

Dr. Araceli Marchan has served as the youth director at Unity Center for Holistic Living in Trinidad and Tobago for more than 10 years. She has spent most of her life empowering children worldwide as an innovative educator, motivator, and founder of ICLP Tutor where she inspires children to succeed.

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