Five Ways to Calm Yourself in a Chaotic World

The overwhelm started slowly. I would find myself disturbed by a news story or a social media thread here and

An open wooden door with light shining behind it and green leaves around the door and the text “Spiritual Keys to Aging Well”

Spiritual Keys to Aging Well

Embrace aging with grace and positivity with the new Unity booklet, Spiritual Keys to Aging Well. Learn how to befriend your changing body and mind.


How to Slow Down and Enjoy Life

What causes our need to rush? It’s easy to assume that the cause is economic: We must make enough money

Tools for Achieving Inner Peace in a Chaotic World

Tools for Achieving Inner Peace in a Chaotic World

Even in the most difficult of times, it’s possible to find stability within. In this excerpt from How to Stay Centered, No Matter What, explore 12 spiritual tools for achieving inner peace in a chaotic world.

The Spiritual Two-Step by Philip Goldberg, Unity Magazine 0506 2021, Folio Winner 2021

The Spiritual Two-Step

When he was young and idealistic, Philip Goldberg believed that world peace would take care of itself as each individual became more enlightened. That hasn’t happened. So do we withdraw from the madness or engage to help change things?


Spirituality in the Real World

When all seems lost in the world, I look to spirituality. Spirituality must be practiced in the context of the

Finding Peace in the Storm by Rev. Sandra Campbell – A beautiful clear lake with vibrant green trees under a cloudless blue sky

Finding Peace in the Storm

I was in my early 20s and persistently worried, constantly ruminating about some real or imagined trauma. But I had

Unity Magazine 0304 2022 Leaving God for God 1600x630

Leaving God for GOD

I was in an RV with two other women heading for Santa Fe when one of them, my friend Jane


Saint Rita and the Inner Harmony Game

Making room for more harmony in your life is a process that requires patience, prayer, and lifelong practice. Look, don’t


Autobiography of a Yogi at 75

Of all the books written in the 20th century, few if any have launched, inspired, or augmented more spiritual paths


Listening in with … Gary Zukav

Gary Zukav is well-known for his eloquent writing and speaking on the evolution of consciousness. He’s a visionary who can


Claiming Truth

Article Growing up in Unity, I was blessed with a foundation of positive thinking and self-empowerment consciousness. Early on, I


Make Every Day Christmas

This article is one of the Unity Classics written by legendary leaders of Unity. Some date back decades, even a


Creating a Practice of Acceptance

Why acceptance matters in order to move us forward. Let’s talk about how to recognize resistance and its impact on


Mindful Moments: Let Go, Let God

I let go and let Divine Life fulfill itself in and through me Quiet times of reflection bring greater peace