Recently, I have been doing exercises to improve my balance, watching videos from a YouTube channel called Little Steps, Big Gains. Tai chi is a significant part of many of these videos. As I started practicing more and more, I discovered it wasn’t just helping my balance—there were spiritual benefits as well.

In being intentional with the slow movements, I have become more present, paid more attention to my body, and felt more peaceful.

Tai chi is an internal Chinese martial art that involves slow, intentional movements. Although the exact origins of tai chi are not known, the earliest references to tai chi are from the Tang dynasty (618–907 A.D.). Tai chi is similar to yoga in that they both increase strength and flexibility, they can both increase body awareness as well as mindfulness, and they both reduce stress and promote inner peace. As I have been practicing tai chi, I have noticed several benefits.

Tai Chi Helps Me to Be More Mindful

Often referred to as “meditation in motion,” tai chi has become a part of my spiritual practice. I have found that it helps me feel more connected to the world around me. In being intentional with the slow movements, I have become more present, paid more attention to my body, and felt more peaceful. As I focus on the movements—flowing from one to the next—it helps me go with the flow in my life more.

Focus on the Breath

Breathing correctly is a significant part of tai chi. I have found that the movements help me focus on the breath flowing through my lungs more so than a sitting meditation. As I learned more about tai chi, I found myself doing some tai chi breathing exercises when I’m waiting in line at the grocery store.

Less Stress, More Peace

As I have been incorporating tai chi into my spiritual practice, I have found that it has greatly decreased my stress. It’s easier to remain centered and feel calm and peaceful, even in the middle of chaos.

Health Benefits

The most significant benefit to practicing tai chi regularly is the improved balance, which I have found. Even with a neurological condition that affects my balance, I have noticed improvements. Tai chi also increases strength and flexibility, can help with chronic pain, and has even been shown to slow aging. It’s also an excellent low-impact exercise for seniors that can help to improve stability and prevent falls.

Tai chi has not only improved my balance and mindfulness, but it has contributed to an overall feeling of calm serenity. If you’d like to give it a shot, check out this Tai Chi for Beginners video.

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