My Tía Dolores Huerta taught me—and millions of others—the power of positivity and possibility., Rev. Jacquie Fernández, Unity Magazine

Sí Se Puede Consciousness

Dolores Huerta’s life of activism demonstrates that one person can ignite a movement and shift consciousness for generations to come.

Healing with Affirmative Prayer by Rev. Teresa Burton

Healing with Affirmative Prayer

Rev. Teresa Burton reflects on the spiritual dimensions of healing through prayer, offering insights into embracing wholeness and growth.

Listening in with … Joan Borysenko: Cultivating Resilience by Katy Koontz—A portrait of Joan Borysenko, a white woman with short silver hair wearing a black top and dangling silver earrings

Listening in with … Joan Borysenko

This pioneer in integrative medicine explains how going through a dark night of the soul has benefits and why cultivating an active imagination can be healing.

Ellis Jones Helps People Build a Better World by Annie L. Scholl—A portrait of Ellis Jones, a white man with facial hair, glasses, and a hat with a black jacket and white shirt beside a globe in a cart.

Bright Lights: Ellis Jones Helps People Build a Better World

Discover how Ellis Jones transformed from math prodigy to champion of a better world through ethical consumerism and sustainable choices.

Unexpected Employee Benefits by Sharon Sartin—An old Unity employee ID from 2/19/86 signed by Charles R. Fillmore.

Unexpected Employee Benefits

Sharon Sartin reflects on her 37-year career at Unity World Headquarters and the many blessings it has brought to her.

Image of sunlight and a moon over a green mountain, Daily Word Poem "We Are" by Mary Berg

We Are ...

Stardust and moonbeams, rivers and streams, vast oceans, prairies, visions and dreams. Composed of particles, light beams and waves, neurons


Charles Fillmore: American Mystic

How the Unity cofounder’s ideas went from radical to mainstream When you think of New Thought and its teaching, you

In the Words of Myrtle Fillmore

Heart of Unity: Myrtle Fillmore

Often referred to as “the heart” of Unity, cofounder Myrtle Fillmore was known for her thoughtful, joy-filled letters to people

“Each time we choose peace over agitation, cooperation over conflict, and kindness over and over again, we are living as the divine beings we are.“—Daily Word, Editor’s Letter, Teresa Burton

Progressing Along the Spiritual Path

Rev. Teresa Burton discusses how an inconvenient night at the airport gave her opportunities to practice gratitude and acceptance.

The title "A Journey of Self-Discovery: 6 Spiritual Lessons from Barbie" against a pink background with gold hearts and a pink silhouette Barbie face from the side with her hair pulled back and a white pearl necklace

A Journey of Self-Discovery: 6 Spiritual Lessons from Barbie

Sandy Eastwood discusses what Barbie has meant to her and how she has passed on the imagination and authenticity to her daughter and granddaughter.

Six Ways to Support People With Disabilities by Sara Crawford - the bottom half of a man with a seeing eye dog and a cane crossing the street

Six Ways to Support People with Disabilities

Here are six ways to better support those who have disabilities and live with more compassion and empathy.

Drawing Attention - By Barbara Ramsay Orr - An ink drawing with splashes of color of a bridge over water with shrubbery in the background

Drawing Attention

Barbara Ramsay Orr discusses how she slows down to see the ordinary and connect with others through the art of drawing.

"Ashes to Ashes by Rev. Maggy Whitehouse - A brown coffin being lowered into the ground surrounded by flowers"

Ashes to Ashes

Rev. Maggie Whitehouse shares humorous and heartwarming tales from her years as a funeral officiant as she helped loved ones grieve and celebrate lives well lived.

Train Your Brain for New Thoughts by Rev. Elizabeth Longo

Train Your Brain for New Thoughts

Discover the power of shifting your thinking to transform your life in this excerpt from Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.


Transform Your Life with Our Content Collections

Looking to improve your outlook? Explore our collection of transformative series. Each one is a resource to uplift and inspire

Four Things Using a Cane Taught Me: Life Lessons from Disability by Sara Crawford

Four Things Using a Cane Taught Me: Life Lessons from Disability

Sara Crawford discusses how navigating the world with a disability and using a cane helped her to rely more on the kindness of strangers and trust others more.

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