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2022 Unity World Headquarters Fall Update with CEO Rev. Jim Blake

2022 Unity World Headquarters Fall Update with CEO Rev. Jim Blake

CEO Rev. Jim Blake is eager to share the tools and resources – including books, gifts, videos, prayer services, and events – that Unity World Headquarters has to share with you, your ministry and your community in 2022.

Daily Word 08 2022 Email Banner 1600x630

A Pain in the Neck

No matter the healing challenges we face in life, we are divine beings meant to live in wholeness. Read more from Daily Word editor Teresa Burton.

Unity Magazine 0708 2022 SSV Trust Divine Connection 1600x630

How to Trust Your Divine Connection

When I was growing up, my family had constant interaction with the spirit world. I never felt alone or unsafe

Unity Magazine 0708 2022 QA Mirabai Starr 1600x630

Listening in with … Mirabai Starr

Mirabai Starr grew up in a secular Jewish family that left their home on Long Island, New York, in the

Unity Magazine 0708 2022 Around the Village Fillmores His and Hers 1600x630

The Fillmores’ His and Hers Offices

When I recently moved to a new place, I found myself taking extra care setting up my office. I always

Unity Magazine 0708 2022 Expressions Outpouring of Divine Love for All 1600x630

An Outpouring of Divine Love for All

I discovered Unity in the 1980s through Unity Magazine when I lived in a small mountain village in northern New

Daily Word

Special two-year discount! Save $5!

Special two-year discount! Save $5!

Unity Magazine 0708 2022 Rethinking Borders Spirit 1600x630

Rethinking the Borders of Spirit

How the darkest times in ones live can create an enduring bond that last a lifetime. Read more in this Unity Magazine online exclusive.

Poem DW July 2022 This Found Faith 1600x630

This Found Faith

Meditating on the craving to do what Spirit has placed in my heart I rouse myself from longing to remain

Unity Books

The Zen Executive: Gems of Wisdom for Enlightened Leadership Order now!

The Zen Executive: Gems of Wisdom for Enlightened Leadership Order now!


A Transformative Vision: Unity in Puerto Rico

During the 1940s, two professional women with great vision, faith, and strength of character fulfilled a great dream: to bring

A Blessed Bond with My Brother By Louisa Rogers, Unity Magazine July/August 2022

A Blessed Bond with My Brother

On March 4 of this year, I lit a candle, still remembering that chilly morning in the mid ’70s when


Paws of Wisdom Puzzle

Celebrating the spiritual lessons we learn from animals. Fun for the whole family!

Summer Reads for Your Soul 2022 1600x630

Summer Reads for Your Soul from Unity Books

From a spiritual activist’s memoir to a brand-new self-help book for professionals, Unity Books has no shortage of recently published

Header Article Daily Word 06 2022 Email How May I Help

How May I Help?

I’m usually a positive, optimistic sort of person who believes in the inherent goodness of people, but lately the news

Poem Daily Word 0506 2022 Keep Love Growing

Keep Love Growing

Keep love growing, cultivate with care Add a little tenderness and plenty of fresh air. Keep life simple, you reap

Sowing Seeds of Forever May 2022 Daily Word 1600x630

Sowing the Seeds of Surrender

There is no time in Spirit. I learned that lesson the summer we lost our apple tree during a thunderstorm

Unity Magazine 0506 2022 Around Village Seek Shade

Seeking Shade, Finding Serenity

When I heard about shinrin-yoku, the Japanese practice of forest bathing, I was intrigued. A regular walker for many years

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