Giving Peace a Chance by Teresa Burton

Giving Peace a Chance

Rev. Teresa Burton shares the transformative journey of finding peace within amid neighbor conflicts.

A Most Unlikely Christmas Gift by Rev. Bronte Colbert

A Most Unlikely Christmas Gift

Recalling the powerful prayer practice of a past Christmas helped one minister ease her loneliness during the pandemic.

Andy's Sled: A Magical Christmas by Suzie Burdick - a red sled in the snow

Andy’s Sled: A Magical Christmas

Suzanne Burdick tells a heartwarming story about a Christmas miracle that made her foster child’s dreams come true.

Give Thanks for All Things by Rev. Teresa Burton

Give Thanks for All Things

Rev. Teresa Burton discusses the transformative power of gratitude, not just for ourselves, but as a tool to uplift and bless others.

Honoring the Veterans: Insights on Support and Healing by Sara Crawford - A Black man hugging his family after returning from service

Honoring the Veterans: Insights on Support and Healing

Sara Crawford interviews veterans and those who serve them for insights on how to offer more support to the veterans.

Daily Word: The Past 100 Years by Rev. Teresa Burton

Daily Word: The Past 100 Years

Discover the fascinating history of Daily Word, Unity's daily devotional, and how it has evolved to inspire readers in over 100 countries.

The white text "The Ugliest Christmas Tree by Rev. Sheree Taylor-Jones" on a red background next to a Christmas tree with red and gold ornaments

The Ugliest Christmas Tree

Rev. Sheree Taylor-Jones shares a heartwarming tale of love and acceptance in a Christmas of surprises, featuring a unique and unforgettable Christmas tree.

Listening in with … Lorna Byrne: Time to Intertwine with the Divine by Katy Koontz—An image of Lorna Byrne, a white woman with long, dark, blonde hair

Listening in with … Lorna Byrne

Lorna Byrne, the Irish mystic who converses with angels, shares her spiritual insights on love, hope, and unity in a diverse world.

Burning Bowl Ceremony 2024

Cast Your Burdens to the Flames!

The annual Unity Burning Bowl Ceremony allows you to release what no longer serves you from 2023 and make space for the unlimited possibilities of 2024.

A spiral notebook with the text “Rise Into Your Power: Track your habits and awaken your spirit” from Unity Books

Turn Your Intentions Into Routines

Sandy Eastwood guides you on a transformative journey, sharing insights on habit formation and personal growth. Discover practical tips for lasting change.

For One Brief Moment, Daily Word November 2023 Poem

For One Brief Moment

Why is every Christmastimethe happiest time of year? There has to be a reason forsuch unbridled cheer. Neighbors greeting, families

Marine saluting into sunset

Daily Word Meets the U.S. Marines

Rev. Sandra Campbell shares a heartfelt story of resilience and hope. Through the challenges of lean years, Daily Word® became a source of inspiration.

Access Abundance Tool Kit
New Product

Access Abundance Tool Kit

Activate more joy and prosperity in your life.

Mario Martinez Alchemizes Aging by Annie L. Scholl—An image of Mario Martinez, a Latino man with short dark hair and glasses

Bright Lights: Mario Martinez Alchemizes Aging

Discover the wisdom of Mario E. Martinez, Psy.D., who explores the influence of culture on aging and shares insights for a vibrant, healthy life.

Chocolate chip cookies coming out of the oven

Baking Bridges: My Nourishing Journey

Lara Arnold shares her journey from baking vegan cookies to embracing dietary changes and discovering personal wellness.

How Daily Word Went Global by Lois Cheatham - A cover of Daily Word on a postcard over a blue water colored map

How Daily Word Went Global

Discover the global impact of Unity’s Daily Word magazine through volunteer affiliates and their unique methods of sharing inspiration worldwide.

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