“Releasing attachment to the past and anxiety about the future places you squarely in the present. This is where your freedom is.” Daily Word, Editor’s Letter, Rev. Teresa Burton

I Release and I Let Go

Find true freedom by releasing the past—the beliefs that once served you but no longer do. Release and claim the freedom to choose new thoughts and beliefs.


Women Writers of Unity

Women have always had significant voices in the Unity movement. In honor of Women’s History Month, here are some of our favorite books by women authors.

Perfecting the Recipe for Success by Meg McConahey, Daily Word

Perfecting the Recipe for Success

Anamaría Morales (known as the College Confectionista) was an entrepreneur at an early age who baked her way through college “one cheesecake at a time.”

Yung Pueblo, Making Introspection an Art Form

Listening in with … Yung Pueblo

Best-selling author and Instagram poet, YUNG PUEBLO, talks with Unity Magazine® editor KATY KOONTZ about how introspection can lead to healing and liberation.


Transform Your Life with Our Content Collections

Looking to improve your outlook? Explore our collection of transformative series. Each one is a resource to uplift and inspire

A Ministerial Mutt Finds Unity By Rev. Ryan Althaus

A Ministerial Mutt Finds Unity

Rev. Ryan Althaus discusses his spiritual journey—from agnosticism to Rastafarianism to Buddhism to evangelical Christianity—until he found Unity.

Morning Time Poem by Melanie White, Daily Word

Morning Time

In the quiet of the morning, there is time. Time to hear a chirping song and feel the wind’s caress

Access Abundance Tool Kit
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Access Abundance Tool Kit

Activate more joy and prosperity in your life.

“We can take compassionate action without needing to be asked. We can pray. We can care”, Daily Word, Editor’s Letter, Teresa Burton

Heart-Centered Caring

There are all kinds of love stories, but the best ones allow us to open our hearts—and to care. Read more from Daily Word editor Teresa Burton.


How the Act of Helping Others Impacts Your Well-Being

A compassionate lifestyle does more than just bring a smile to your face. Mallory Herrmann explores how the act of helping others impacts your well-being, too.

Bright Lights: Amy Edelstein Teaches Teens Inner Strength

Bright Lights: Amy Edelstein Teaches Teens Inner Strength

Amy Edelstein found herself on a solo journey in Zanskar, India, at just 21 years old. Almost 40 years later, she is still uncovering what she learned there, sharing lessons of self-awareness and inner strength among teens, and continuing to explore what it means to live a life that matters.

Ancient Practices for Finding Inner Peace in our Modern World, Mallika Chopra, Unity Magazine

Listening in with … Mallika Chopra

Mallika Chopra talks with Unity Magazine® editor Katy Koontz about fighting overwhelm and achieving balance—for both ourselves and the children in our lives.

“Trust you are not bound by your past or limited by your vision of the future”, Daily Word, Editor’s Letter, Teresa Burton

Trusting your spiritual gifts in the new year

As you greet the new year, remember that you have the power to release what no longer serves—and the freedom to create what you desire. Read more from Daily Word editor Teresa Burton.

Life’s Double Thread By Mary E. Berg

Life’s Double Thread

As the conscious thread within memeets the outer cords of strifemay this double thread remind meof the warp and weft

How AA paved my way to Unity, Unity Magazine

How AA Paved My Way to Unity

Discover how AA experiences can align perfectly with the principles and spirit of Unity.

Burning Bowl Ceremony 2023

Find Peace in Letting Go at Burning Bowl

A burning bowl ceremony can help you let go of what no longer serves you and move into the new year free of old burdens. Embrace the hope of 2023 with the Unity Burning Bowl Ceremony.

“When you receive gracefully, you’re also saying yes to everything God is”, Daily Word, Editor’s Letter, Teresa Burton

Learning how to receive gracefully

Most of us have been taught to be generous givers, but how many of us learned how to be graceful receivers? Daily Word editor Teresa Burton shares how enthusiastic receiving helps us get into the flow of abundance.

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