Smells Like Teen Spirit by Karen Brailsford—A pair of hands reaching out with light emanating out from them against a sparkling purple background.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Karen Brailsford's moving account of her baptism and subsequent spiritual journey sheds light on the importance of fostering inner awareness among teenagers.

Forgiving Those Who Don't Know Better by Rev. Sandra Campell - A closeup of a tree against an out of focus field at sunset

Forgiving Those Who Don’t Know Better

Rev. Sandra Campbell breaks down the Bible verse in Luke 23:34 and explains the Unity interpretation of the verse.

Every Matter Under Heaven by Rev. Sharon Ketchum - a golden pocket watch sticking out of the sand

Every Matter Under Heaven

Rev. Sharon Ketchum offers a Unity interpretation of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, discussing why these verses encourage us to embrace all of life’s experiences.

Have a Little Faith by Rev. Kathy Beasley - yellow mustard flowers with seeds

Have a Little Faith

Rev. Kathy Beasley provides in-depth analysis of what it means to have faith the size of a mustard seed.

To Belong or Not to Belong by Philip Goldberg

To Belong or Not to Belong

Philip Goldberg discusses spiritual organizations and offers some things to consider when deciding whether or not to be a part of a community.

Listening for Guidance by Rev. Claudia Fletcher - A road lined with trees and purple flowers

Listening for Guidance

Rev. Claudia Fletcher discusses how an incident with car issues helped her to deepen her trust in God and listen to her inner guidance.

Finding God in Wide-Open Spaces by Rebecca Johnson

Finding God in Wide-Open Spaces

Rebecca Johnson reflects on finding the Silence within and her spiritual journey as guided by her grandfather’s wisdom and love for Mother Nature.

Finding Peace Through Service and Surrender by Carol L. Stokes

Finding Peace Through Service and Surrender

Attorney Carol L. Stokes shares her journey of caring for her cousin with mental illness, highlighting the importance of surrender and divine guidance.


Eric Butterworth

Explore the profound teachings of Eric Butterworth, a renowned metaphysical author, spiritual teacher, and Unity minister, through insightful information and


Where to Start with Butterworth

Rev. Ellen Debenport gives an overview of Eric Butterworth and provides suggestions for which of his books to start with.

Unity Books

The Zen Executive:

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The Art of Getting Along

Discover the transformative power of turning on the light within in this excerpt from In the Flow of Life by Eric Butterworth.

Breaking the Ten Commandments by Eric Butterworth

Breaking the Ten Commandments

Eric Butterworth discusses how the Ten Commandments have become a cliché in Western religion, and how we can discover their true meaning.


Easter Is Our Story

The Easter story is a reminder of the cycle of life. Rev. Ellen Debenport shares how it can help us find new beginnings, fresh starts, and the gift of eternal life.


Carrying the Christ

Jesus uses strange metaphors to get our attention. While reflecting on Jesus’ ride into Jerusalem, Rev. Joy Wyler considers how we “carry the Christ” within.


Five Bible Verses That Demonstrate Unity Teachings

Sara Crawford takes a deeper look at five Bible verses that emphasize the teachings of the Unity movement.

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