Five Spiritual Principles Taught by Unity

Discover timeless wisdom in the Five Principles taught by Unity. Learn to live abundantly and align with your divine nature.


Easter Is Our Story

The Easter story is a reminder of the cycle of life. Rev. Ellen Debenport shares how it can help us find new beginnings, fresh starts, and the gift of eternal life.


Carrying the Christ

Jesus uses strange metaphors to get our attention. While reflecting on Jesus’ ride into Jerusalem, Rev. Joy Wyler considers how we “carry the Christ” within.

Letting Go and Letting God by Rev. Teresa Burton - a closeup of pink flowers

Letting Go and Letting God

This Lenten season, embrace the wisdom of letting go and letting God as an empowering act of faith. Find new possibilities by surrendering to the divine within.

Unity Books

The Zen Executive:

Gems of Wisdom for Enlightened Leadership Order now!

Raising the Roof with the Sweet Song of Service

Raising the Roof with the Sweet Song of Service

Discover Letitia Hanke’s inspiring journey from childhood adversity to roofing company CEO, fueled by music, faith, and resilience.

The Synergy of Kwanza and Unity Teachings by Emanuel Walker - a paper kinara with three red and three green candles and a black candle in the center on a gold background

The Synergy of Kwanzaa and Unity Teachings

Emanuel Walker explores the synergies between Kwanzaa and Unity teachings, revealing shared principles of unity, empowerment, and spirituality.

What We Don’t Know About Christmas by Hypatia Hasbrouck

What We Don’t Know About Christmas

People have retold the birth story of Jesus for centuries, blending together the Gospel accounts through prose, pageant, painting, and more. Hypatia Hasbrouck explores what we don’t know about Christmas.

The Unity Roots in Judaism by Paul John Roach - A menorah with all candles lit in front of a sky with clouds at sunset

The Unity Roots in Judaism

Dive into the rich tapestry of Jewish spirituality and its connections to Unity in this insightful excerpt from Unity and World Religions by Paul John Roach.

The Quantum Power of Faith by Melanie A. Dean—A young woman with her hair pulled back shouting with the silhouette of a dog and his energy illustrated as white light

The Quantum Power of Faith

Psychologist and researcher Melanie A. Dean, Ph.D., delves into the science of intuition, guidance, prayer, and meditation in faith-based manifestations.

The Metaphysics of Halloween by Rev. Sandra Campbell – Two small smiling jack-o'-lanterns on an orange surface

The Metaphysics of Halloween

Halloween is often associated with monsters and darkness, but the name itself means “holy evening”—and there is a spiritual perspective we shouldn’t dismiss. Rev. Sandra Campbell explores the metaphysics of Halloween.

Divine Intervention: My Path to Sobriety by Anonymous - a trail in an autumn forest with yellow leaves on the trees at sunset

A Divine Intervention: My Path to Sobriety

Find inspiration in the transformative journey as this anonymous author tells the tale of overcoming addiction with faith and inner guidance.

Inspired by the Faith of Our Ancestors by Rev. Christina Garza - The Church and Convent of Santo Domingo de Guzmán in Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico on a decorative background and three large cacti

Inspired by the Faith of Our Ancestors

Rev. Christina Garza discusses the profound spiritual legacy of Hispanic Heritage Month, inspiring faith and connection for future generations.

Smells Like Teen Spirit by Karen Brailsford—A pair of hands reaching out with light emanating out from them against a sparkling purple background.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Karen Brailsford's moving account of her baptism and subsequent spiritual journey sheds light on the importance of fostering inner awareness among teenagers.

Forgiving Those Who Don't Know Better by Rev. Sandra Campell - A closeup of a tree against an out of focus field at sunset

Forgiving Those Who Don’t Know Better

Rev. Sandra Campbell breaks down the Bible verse in Luke 23:34 and explains the Unity interpretation of the verse.

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