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Carrying the Christ

Jesus uses strange metaphors to get our attention. While reflecting on Jesus’ ride into Jerusalem, Rev. Joy Wyler considers how we “carry the Christ” within.


Easter Is Our Story

The Easter story is a reminder of the cycle of life. Rev. Ellen Debenport shares how it can help us find new beginnings, fresh starts, and the gift of eternal life.


How to Start (or Restart) Any Kind of Habit

It’s easy to lose track of habits or goals that benefit our lives. Kaitlin Osman shares tips from the Access Abundance Tool Kit for starting or restarting the ones that support our health and happiness.

Finding the Five Unity Principles in Buddhism by Paul John Roach

Finding the Five Unity Principles in Buddhism

Unity teachings are based on universal spiritual principles drawn from the world’s major faiths. In this adapted excerpt from Unity and World Religions, author Paul John Roach explores how we can find the Unity principles in Buddhism.

What We Don’t Know About Christmas by Hypatia Hasbrouck

What We Don’t Know About Christmas

People have retold the birth story of Jesus for centuries, blending together the Gospel accounts through prose, pageant, painting, and more. Hypatia Hasbrouck explores what we don’t know about Christmas.

The Five Functions of Religion by Philip Goldberg, Unity Magazine

The Five Functions of Religion

The optimal spiritual path bestows five distinct benefits. See how yours stacks up and how you might tweak it for an even better experience.


The Trip to Bethlehem

You'll be inspired as you begin to see the traditional Christmas story as a guide to your own spiritual renewal.

Pause to recognize false stories, Lila Herrmann writer, Unity Magazine

Spiritual Work in the Workplace

Unity World Headquarters CEO, Jim Blake, shares his roadmap to becoming both a business leader and minister. Learn how he navigates being a spiritual man with a knack for business, as well as looking for a better way to lead—one that uplifts people and increases performance but is also rooted in some of the most ancient spiritual traditions in the world.

The Greatest Christmas Gift by Lysa Allman-Baldwin

The Greatest Christmas Gift

A series of personal crises put Lysa Allman-Baldwin’s faith to the test—and helped her rediscover her awareness of the Christ within and to receive the gift of faith restored.


The Metaphysics of Halloween

Halloween is often associated with monsters and darkness, but the name itself means “holy evening”—and there is a spiritual perspective we shouldn’t dismiss. Rev. Sandra Campbell explores the metaphysics of Halloween.

June Daily Word Coming Home Myself Through Faith 1600x630

Coming Home to Myself Through Faith

I think of faith as complete confidence in someone or something. Faith in myself helped me realize the healing that

Unity Magazine 0506 2022 Victors Never Victims 1600x630

Victors, Never Victims

In her 1916 book How I Used Truth, H. Emilie Cady outlined to Lowell Fillmore the reasons she objected to

Unity Magazine 0506 2022 QA Tami Simon

Sound Guidance

Tami Simon founded Sounds True in 1985 when she was only 22. She had no business experience at the time—only


40 Days of Letting Go: Lent 2023

A Spiritual Practice for Lent

Finding Faith in the Face of Uncertainty, author Jessica Heim-Brouwer

Finding Faith in the Face of Uncertainty

Hold on to hope in the face of uncertainty with these affirmations for maintaining faith. In the midst of uncertain

Strength, Courage, and Comfort for Difficult Times, booklet from Unity

Strength, Courage, and Comfort for Difficult Times

When we face tough times or events we don’t understand, many of us turn to prayer. Yet there is still

Article UMAG 0304 2022 QA Ken Wilbur 1600x630

Listening in with … Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber is a visionary thinker, philosopher, and modern-day mystic who is perhaps best known for developing an integral “theory

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