Faith is believing in that which you cannot see; having confidence in the presence and energy of something greater than yourself at work in and through you. Most of us at some point in our lives have experienced the power of faith. We have quietly and firmly focused on what we wanted (even if we had no idea of how to accomplish it), stayed open to inner guidance for how to proceed, and then at some point noticed that our desires were met, our wishes fulfilled. We then felt grateful for this great energy at work within us.

I recall using this faith power several years ago when my precious dog Comet was missing. When I arrived home, Comet was nowhere to be found. After my family and I scoured the surrounding neighborhoods, I returned in tears, longing to find him and regretting that I had not yet replaced his collar a few days earlier when I noticed it was missing. In the midst of crying and searching online for websites to report a lost dog, I paused and calmly focused on my vision of Comet being back home. Very shortly thereafter, I felt a strong inner nudge to drive to a nearby neighborhood.

It was a huge area with hundreds of homes. Where do I go? I wondered. Then I had a strong thought to go to one specific house. It was dusk, the house was gray, and there were no lights on. It was not very inviting, yet I felt strong guidance to walk up the pathway and ring the doorbell. There was no answer. I rang again and still no answer. I wondered if I was just crazy! Yet I felt compelled to stand there. It was as if I felt glued to the stoop, following a command within me to stay right there! So I pressed the buzzer a third time, and a man finally answered the door.

I apologized for disturbing him and asked if he had seen my small black dog.

“Oh, that cute dog is yours?” he responded. “A woman came by a few hours ago asking if it was mine. She left me her phone number. Let me get it for you.” Before long, my family and I were crying with happiness as we eagerly collected our precious Comet from the woman’s home a couple miles away.

Now that was faith in action! I strongly desired something. I calmly and clearly put focus on that desire. I believed it could happen, even though I had no idea how to make it happen. Then I received strong nudges, thoughts, and urgings of how to get the fulfillment of my desire.

My ability to recognize intuitive guidance was not always that strong. My skills grew after I understood that intention and intuitive guidance are scientifically real and that each of us can use them to achieve all that we can envision for ourselves.

I first became curious and started researching if prayer and meditation were real energy after I sold my publishing business for the exact amount of money I had been focusing upon. I wondered, Was my focusing on a calm, clear desire real energy or was it just luck? If it was real, could I use it to create other fabulous outcomes in my life? And could others do it?

After 10 years of reading every thread of science that seemed pertinent to this question, I learned the answer is yes! Yes, the energy of calm, clear focus and of intuitive guidance are examples of real energy that can be scientifically measured. Having clear intentions and following intuitive guidance is the power of faith in action.

The Weight and Frequency of Emotions

While your thoughts and emotions are strongly entwined, your emotions of intention and intuition, among others, are real energy communicating in and through you. Emotions are made of the same elements of life as everything else in the universe: elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. Each emotion has a slightly different configuration of these elements coming together to form molecules inside your body.

You have likely heard of some of these emotion molecules, like oxytocin (which your body makes whenever you feel love) or adrenaline (which your body creates when you feel danger). Oxytocin communicates safety and healthy functioning to the cells in your body while adrenaline signals alarm, requiring the cells to pump more blood to your heart and muscles so you can fight or flee if needed.

Each molecule has a different weight because they are made up of different amounts of elements. For example, one molecule of oxytocin weighs 1,007g/mol, whereas orexin (a molecule your body makes when you feel fear) weighs nearly three times more at 2,899g/mol. While you can’t notice this weight difference on your bathroom scale, you can notice how it feels within you. Fear feels sharper, heavier, and more burdensome than love.

As these molecules of emotion spin, they produce 300 quadrillion waves per second of quantum energy. And just as each molecule has a unique combination of elements, each also has a unique wave pattern, frequency, and spin angle. Emotions of care, hopefulness, gratitude, and love share similar smooth, calm, evenly spaced wave patterns that feel much the way they look. Conversely, emotions of frustration, anger, worry, and anxiety have sharp, jagged, chaotically spaced wave patterns that also feel much the way they look. 

Intuitive guidance often comes as a boost of inspiration, a sudden new idea, a clear knowing of what is right for you.

The wave pattern of emotions is important because the smooth, evenly spaced waves of energy more easily sync with other similarly shaped waves, and when they do they become more powerful. On the other hand, it’s more difficult for uneven and chaotically spaced wave forms to find a match of similar pattern, so they are less powerful.

Scientists show that people with calm, purposeful, hopeful, and caring emotions produce smooth, even heart and brain waves that are three times more powerful (measured at .27 millivolts) and have 10 times higher frequency (measured at .05 decibels/hertz) than someone feeling sharp, jagged fear and anxiety (.09 millivolts, .005 decibels/hertz). Emotions of hope, love, and compassion are three times more powerful than those of fear.

The Quantum Power of Your Faith

Just as the bathroom scale does not reflect the weight difference of your emotion molecules, you also cannot feel the 300 quadrillion waves per second of subatomic quantum energy at work inside the tiniest parts of those molecules. Yet that quantum energy is communicating both inside and outside your body. That communication happens when similar energy waves get in sync. Physicists describe quantum energy as actively seeking other energy similar in shape, frequency, and spin. Syncing energy waves communicate by exchanging encoded information. When that sync happens, you feel that ten-times-greater frequency and three-times-greater power as an energy boost within you. This is the spark of intuitive recognition that your energy has found a match with what you want.

Sync with Your Inner Guidance

Intuitive guidance often comes as a boost of inspiration, a sudden new idea, a clear knowing of what is right for you. Similarly, you may get a hunch or a nudge for how to proceed, a quickening of your inner knowing when you hear or read something that is harmonious with your desires. These are all ways that your intuitive guidance helps you know which decisions or opportunities are in sync with your intentions.

I recall a few years ago setting a calm, clear intention to be fully and easily prepared for my family to visit my daughter overseas. In preparation, I needed to fill a medication prescription for her that she could not get where she resided. A few days before our departure, I had plans to go to the gym and then go to the pharmacy for her medication. On the way to the gym I felt an inner nudge to turn the car around. I was trying to determine if this urge was real guidance or if I was just making it up. I pulled to the side of the road and calmed myself to tune to my inner guidance. The urging to turn the car around was persistent.

As I did so, I had a clear knowing I should go to the pharmacy first. When I showed the clerk the prescription, she exclaimed, “Oh, I don’t have that many in stock. I need to order it today to have it before you leave for your trip. Our daily order is due to go out in just a few minutes!” Had I gone to the gym before the pharmacy, I would not have been in time to receive my daughter’s medication. The energy waves of my calm, caring intention to be prepared for my trip synced me with the guidance I needed to fulfill my wish. Faith in action.

You can use your clear intention and intuitive guidance for small things like being prepared for a meeting or knowing which store to go to for a particular item. You can also use this energy to know how to proceed in achieving large goals, solving relationship challenges, or creating peace, joy, and contentment within yourself.

The power of your faith works through setting calm, caring, purposeful intentions while knowing those energy waves can easily sync with similar energy waves that provide you the intuitive guidance to help connect you with what you desire: the science of prayer, meditation, and faith in action.

This article appeared in Unity Magazine®.