The Quest for Love

In this excerpt from Practical Metaphysics, Eric Butterworth discusses how love is an inner power, not a commodity.

The Spiritual Lives of Animals By Rev. Sarah A. Bowen

The Spiritual Lives of Animals

How we respect and treat animals may help us mitigate some of the world’s tragic problems, bringing healing for all.


Two Mistaken Beliefs About Relationships

Our relationships are as unique as we are, but it’s easy to get caught up trying to make them fit the standards we see in society. Rev. David B. Adams explores two mistaken beliefs we often make in relationships and how to build bonds that last.

Dishing Up Love August DW 1600x630

Dishing Up Love

Whether human or cat, all living beings need food to survive—but each of us also needs love, kindness, and courtesy every day. Read more in this feature from Daily Word®.


Adventures in Resilience

Ignite the 12 powers in you to create a radiant life.

This, You Can’t Define, by David Penner

This, You Can’t Define

Have you ever tried to define something only to come up short of any real definition? Yeah? Me too. Recently

Maternal Love Is Eternal Love, by Jessica Heim-Brouwer

Maternal Love Is Eternal Love

Mother’s Day is a dedicated time to show gratitude toward the mothers who brought us into the world as well


The Many Loves of Coco Ramos

I first met Coco Ramos when I was coordinating Spanish retreats for Unity Village in Missouri. Coco’s cheerful attitude and

Unity Magazine 0506 2022 SSV Learning Love

Learning to Love

I was not raised in a religious environment, so to me the idea of an afterlife is still very counterintuitive

How to Develop an Understanding Heart, Adventures in Resilience, Unity books

How to Develop an Understanding Heart

Spiritualizing our understanding can help us find miracles and meaning among the mess. True peace of soul is the fruit

Let Sunshine Out March 2022 DW

Let the Sunshine Out

On most mornings, as the sun rises over Tampa Bay, Florida, there is usually one man who is there to

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Falling in Love Again and Again

I’m always up for a good love story. I love them in songs, poems, books, and especially in movies. No


Where Love Comes From

There are 12 powers of the mind, and one of them is all heart In Unity, the 12 powers are


The Spirit of Family Booklet

Every family is unique, but all families share challenges along with moments of joy. In good times—and even in times


The Power of a Family’s Faith

Faith This remarkable and inspiring true story is about a happy man—successful, hardworking, healthy, with his own business and a


Who or What Can I Forgive?

Can we forgive this? I was recently asked if I thought it was truly possible to forgive those who carry


How Much Room Do I Give People to Grow and Change?

Do you hold people hostage to their past? Do you hold people hostage to their last mistake or their worst

How to Practice the Power of Unconditional Love Every Day

I Am Love

Affirmation: My thoughts, words, and actions reveal my loving nature. Live a Life Full of Love Love is easy. Easy-going



Give the energy of your love Everyone at a seminar was given a pack of little cards which read, "You