Forgiveness, Acceptance, and Love: A Father’s Journey by Emanuel Walker

Forgiveness, Acceptance, and Love: A Father’s Journey

Discover how Emanuel Walker's faith guided him through parenting trials, teaching forgiveness and acceptance in the face of adversity.

Maternal Love Is Eternal Love, by Jessica Heim-Brouwer

Maternal Love Is Eternal Love

Mother’s Day is a dedicated time to show gratitude toward the mothers who brought us into the world as well

How to Show Your Loved Ones You Appreciate Them by Sara Crawford - A Black man and woman embracing and smiling at each other

How to Show Your Loved Ones You Appreciate Them

Discover ways to show appreciation to loved ones—from expressing gratitude to creating surprises. Spread love and warmth in your relationships.

Marriage--Still, I do by Kathy Beasley - Two Black women smiling at each other underneath a rainbow flag

Marriage—Still, I Do

Discover the transformative power of love and commitment and the profound impact of choosing love every day in this heartfelt reflection on marriage.

Forging a Path to Love by Mary A. Summerfield - A drawing of a light-skinned woman with white hair pulled back walking towards a white heart in a red room

Forging a Path to Love

Mary A. Summerfield discusses how she was able to forge a path to love, creating a journey of healing and forgiveness along the way.

Supporting Your Child's Dreams by Rev. Suzanne Carter - A group of teenagers of varying ethnicities and genders, holding papers, wearing bookbags and headphones, smiling, leaning against a blue wall

Supporting Your Child’s Dreams

Rev. Suzanne Carter highlights the importance of supporting teenagers’ true passions, encouraging active listening, and fostering a path for a fulfilling life.


Healthy Relationships Begin with Three Little Things

When we take the time to connect with our inner divinity, it’s easier to create meaningful relationships in which we can reflect this divinity back to each other.

Adopting Tobias by Rev. Ken Daigle - A blue paper house with two white paper stick figure people and a smaller paper stick figure child in between in front

Adopting Tobias

Rev. Ken Daigle discusses how he and his husband made the decision to adopt a 15-year-old boy to start their family.

Using the Power of Love by Rev. Juan del Hierro - An old-fashioned golden key on a wooden red heart sitting on a desk

Using the Power of Love

Discover the transformative power of love in this article by Rev. Juan del Hierro as he discusses how to embrace the essence and healing nature of love.


Find and Build Community

Rev. Edith Washington-Woods explores how using Unity principles helped her to find a community.

A white man and woman with two blonde children sitting in a field having a picnic next to bikes with the text “Resources for Children & Families”

Resources for Children and Families

Unity offers a variety of resources to support children and families including articles, videos, booklets, and products. This list will guide you to the perfect inspiration for you.


The Quest for Love

In this excerpt from Practical Metaphysics, Eric Butterworth discusses how love is an inner power, not a commodity.

The Spiritual Lives of Animals By Rev. Sarah A. Bowen

The Spiritual Lives of Animals

How we respect and treat animals may help us mitigate some of the world’s tragic problems, bringing healing for all.


Two Mistaken Beliefs About Relationships

Our relationships are as unique as we are, but it’s easy to get caught up trying to make them fit the standards we see in society. Rev. David B. Adams explores two mistaken beliefs we often make in relationships and how to build bonds that last.

Dishing Up Love August DW 1600x630

Dishing Up Love

Whether human or cat, all living beings need food to survive—but each of us also needs love, kindness, and courtesy every day. Read more in this feature from Daily Word®.

This, You Can’t Define, by David Penner

This, You Can’t Define

Have you ever tried to define something only to come up short of any real definition? Yeah? Me too. Recently