This collection of spiritual resources offers inspiration for children and families, providing a nurturing and inclusive environment for exploring faith, mindfulness, and personal growth. From engaging books and products to helpful articles and prayers just for kids, these tools will help foster spiritual development in young hearts and minds.

Resources for Children

The Power of Affirmations for Kids

God Is!, a board book based on the “Prayer for Protection”

Our collection of prayers for children

An affirmation video for children

I ♥ Me! Affirmation Button, a spiritual affirmation button for kids

A mystery for children, Do Puppies Pray?

A back-to-school prayer video

Wee Wisdom Retrospective, a booklet about the classic children’s magazine

A spiritual guide for teens, The Simple Truth

I Believe in Me, a book of affirmations

A meditative coloring book, Color Your Zen

Paws of Wisdom, a jigsaw puzzle celebrating animals

A meditative jigsaw puzzle featuring the Labyrinth at Unity Village

A colorful Intention Dice Set

A nightlight featuring the “Prayer for Protection”

A “Prayer for Protection” ornament as a reminder of the light of God

Products to Inspire Kids

Explore our collection of products for children of all ages. From books and puzzles to affirmations and inspiring items, there's something for everyone. Perfect for gifts too!

Resources for Parents


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