A Black man construction worker standing and smiling next to the American flag

Does My Country Love Me as Much as I Love It?

Emanuel Walker discusses the complex relationship between the Black community and Independence Day.


Showcasing Black Voices

The lived experience of Unity writers creates diverse perspectives on spiritual topics. Enjoy this collection of thought-provoking articles written by

Juneteenth and the Black Church by Emanuel Walker

Juneteenth and the Black Church

Emanuel Walker discusses the historical significance and enduring role of the Black church in the fight for freedom and equality.


A Seminary to Support Urban Ministry

Rev. Dr. Ruth Mosley opened the Unity Urban Ministerial School in 1979 to expand Unity teachings and equip ministers—reaching more and more people, especially in metropolitan areas.

Bishop Barbara King - A Black woman wearing a white clergy robe and glasses, holding out her hands and smiling

Simply Unforgettable

Bishop Barbara Lewis King was the first New Thought minister to be consecrated as a bishop. King also marched beside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1966.


Martin Luther King Jr.’s Message of Love

Rev. Jackie Hawkins and Taking Action for Peace One Sunday evening in 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. extended the


Why Celebrating Juneteenth Matters Now, More Than Ever

The question Why celebrate Juneteenth today? brings into focus the importance of remembering what was and celebrating what is. I


Black History Month 2022

For Black History Month, some of the Black ministers in Unity suggested ways that all people can explore Black history

Why Racism is a Curable Heart Disease

A Path to Overcoming Racism

Healing from Shame, Opening to Love I spend my days teaching about love. How to find it, how to grow


I'll Hold You in the Light

Our quantum entanglement offers possibility during this racial emergency. George Floyd was my son. Breonna Taylor was my daughter.Ahmaud Arbery


Listening in With ... Justin Michael Williams

Justin Michael Williams is on a mission to teach meditation outside the mainstream. But his endgame is less about blissing

Standing Together Resource Center

Standing Together Resource Center

We Stand Together in Unity At Unity, we know that profound systemic changes need to occur to protect the rights


A Timeline of Race Relations at Unity World Headquarters

As part of an effort to recognize and rise above its own systemic discrimination, Unity World Headquarters compiled this chronology


Unity and Race: A Truthful History

Mistakes, Apologies, and Actions Through the Years This article was edited by Rev. Ellen Debenport with contributions from CEO Jim

An MLK Celebration
MLK Day Celebration

Experience Unity's MLK Celebration again and share with others.

Want to experience the Unity MLK Celebration again or share with others, visit Unity's YouTube Channel view.

Unity Magazine 0910 2021 Don't Take the Bypass 1600x630

Don't Take the Bypass

On April 15, 2021, Chicago officials released the police body-camera video of the shooting and killing of 13-year-old Adam Toledo