Daily Word®, the Unity daily devotional magazine, offers encouraging messages every day of the year. Available in print and digital formats, this publication began in 1924 and has inspired millions.

Daily Word September October 2023

Daily Word: September/August 2023

Every day hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life read Daily Word magazine as they affirm and apply spiritual principles in their lives. Together, with the Silent Unity prayer ministry, we form a daily prayer group that extends throughout the world.

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Award-winning Unity Magazine® explores spirituality, science, psychology, and metaphysics. You will discover insights into timeless spiritual principles that will help you live life to its fullest.

Unity Magazine 0910 2023 Cover with Joan Borysenko

Unity Magazine: September/ October 2023

In this issue Joan Borysenko explains why feelings of love and joy are contagious and why active imagination offers enormous, untapped healing potential. Ellis Jones discusses his life’s work—helping consumers make ethical decisions. And Karen Brailsford sheds light on what happens when young people learn to trust and develop their own inner wisdom.

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Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Inclusion, diversity, equity, and acceptance are important to us at Unity World Headquarters. We invite people from all faiths and backgrounds to explore and use the varied resources we offer.

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Unity offers many resources, publications, and products for Spanish language communities.

These free thematic programs will help you stay motivated and encouraged with articles, videos meditations, podcasts, music, and more.

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