Gays and the Bible by Rev. Ken Daigle - The silhouette of a young person with short hair reading the Bible on a hill at sunset

Gays and the Bible

Rev. Ken Daigle discusses what the Bible actually does and does not say about homosexuality.

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How to Support the LGBTQIA+ Community by Sara Crawford

How to Support the LGBTQIA+ Community

Learn from LGBTQIA+ individuals about how to support the community and be a better ally by listening, not making assumptions, and offering love and acceptance.


What Makes Pronouns Important?

Learn why sharing and respecting pronouns is important within the LGBTQIA+ community and how using and sharing pronouns shows you are an ally.

Reclaiming our Spiritual Heritage June 17-24
Virtual Event

Reclaiming Our Spiritual Heritage

A FREE Virtual LGBTQ Spirituality Conference Hosted by Christian de la Huerta


The Meaning of the Pride Flag

Learn the meaning behind each color of the rainbow Pride flag, including the original design by Gilbert Baker and the new Progress Pride flag.


Chosen Family

Rev. David B. Adams shares his personal story of finding love, support, and a sense of belonging in his chosen family, outside of his family of origin.

Bringing God Out of the Closet by Rev. Maggy Whitehouse

Bringing God Out of the Closet

Rev. Maggy Whitehouse discusses the biblical teachings used against the LGBTQIA+ community, questioning their relevance in the modern era.


Showcasing LGBTQIA+ Voices

Discover the power of diverse perspectives and experiences with these thought-provoking articles written by talented LGBTQIA+ authors. Join us in


Return to Love

Rev. Jacquie Fernández discusses the meaning of being grounded in God and how we can allow the flow of love to heal and connect us to God, self, and others.

Field Notes from a Queer Mystic

Field Notes from a Queer Mystic

The story of a gay Catholic misfit who joins a convent, gets tossed out, and takes both an inner and outer journey around the world—only to finally come home to Unity.


A Visit from the Prince

Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil and his husband, Duke DeAndre Richardson, visited Unity of Central Florida for a special marriage blessing that left the couple—and the congregation—feeling connected to God.

Still on Fire receives 2022 Nautilus Book Award

Still on Fire Receives 2022 Nautilus Book Award

Still on Fire: Field Notes from a Queer Mystic by Jan Phillips received a 2022 Nautilus Book Award in personal growth and self-help. Published by Unity Books.

Booklet LGBTQ Worthy 2020 1600x630

Worthy Booklet: LGBTQ Stories of Overcoming Rejection and Religion to Find Truth

Includes raw, powerful stories from the LGBTQ community—including Unity ministers and others who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and


The Search for Wholeness

It feels as if I have lived my whole life searching for wholeness, for belonging, for my way back to

Mapa para experimentar la Verdad por Rev. Luzette Rivera-Diez

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LGBTQ Spiritual Resource Center

Worthy Booklet and Video Series Nothing is more powerful than honest stories that align with our own experiences. The Unity


How Can I Make a Difference Where I Am?

I am a “portion of God made manifest.” This snippet of a quotation by Unity writer H. Emilie Cady has