Three spiritual tools for helping young people reduce anxiety

Today we set an intention for inner peace.

In moments of uncertainty and concern, children often struggle to know how to react or communicate how they feel.

They may feel frightened. They may believe that they can’t do much to feel secure and protected. Even as teens, personal and body changes can cause them fear and anxiety.

Child’s Prayer for Inner Peace, Children’s Blessing for Peace, Prayers for Children Inner Peace, Affirmative Prayer for Children

But Children Are Resilient!

With the right support and guidance, young people thrive. They even get to show the way to peace to the rest of us.

In prayer, we can help enliven their innate strength and wisdom as well as our own. As we center in peace, all fears and doubts dissipate. A Truth bigger than our fears reassures us that we are beings anchored in peace.

By spending time with children in affirmative prayer, you can encourage them to assert the power within them. This action supports them during times of distress.

It is with this in mind that we offer prayers for children to build inner peace. Included below are three spiritual tools for you:

  • A private blessing for the child or children in your life
  • A prayer to share together
  • An affirmation for them to keep and use

A Prayer for Inner Peace for My Beloved Child and All Children

I bless the children in my life and around the world. I visualize all children living the peace of God and being the peace of God at this very moment. With a heart full of gratitude, I affirm a meaningful and fulfilling future for the children I treasure and all children of the world.

A Shared Family Prayer for Inner Peace

We take a moment now to center ourselves. We trust in the peace of God within us as we pray:

The peace of God flows through our minds, our bodies, and our emotions. We let all fears disperse in the wind—like bubbles on a sunny, breezy day.

We surrender our troubles to the soothing presence of God, and we are reassured and uplifted.

Every child is loved immeasurably and eternally, and the way to their inner peace is uniquely revealed.

Together we affirm our peace within:

Child’s Prayer for Inner Peace, Children’s Blessing for Peace, Prayers for Children Inner Peace, Affirmative Prayer for Children

Did you know? All children are welcome to pray with Unity Prayer Ministry associates.

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About the Author

Rev. Adriana Segovia has retired from Unity World Headquarters after more than 30 years as Spanish editor and strategist for La Palabra Diaria and more. She was ordained by Unity in 2002 and has an M.B.A. from Baker University.

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