We celebrate Earth Day and every day with these prayers offered by Unity ministers and others who love and appreciate our home. With these prayers, we pledge to love our planet and all its beings.

A Blessing for Earth

I send a heartfelt prayer and blessing to our beautiful blue planet.
I bless Earth and its generous spirit of giving.
I am grateful for all the richness and diversity in our world, clean water, and the food that nurtures and sustains our bodies.
May I always walk in reverence and honor all life.

—Rev. Elizabeth Longo

A Prayer for All Beings

As we honor and acknowledge our Mother Earth, we also bless her children—the winged ones, the swimming ones, the four-legged and the two-legged ones, the crawling ones, the ones who make their home inside the earth, and even our plant and rock brothers and sisters. May all our relations walk in love and know peace.

—Rev. Dale Worley

Our Mother’s Prayer

Our Mother, whose name is Earth,
Hallowed be your ground.
Praised be for your lands
And your skies
And your rolling seas.

Your gardens thrive; your spirit alive
Through woodlands, streams,
Mountains, and plains

Grant us this day our needs for tomorrow,
And refresh us with your living waters.

Forgive us our mistreatment
As we would forgive those who cause you harm.

Lift us from negligence, and deliver us from greed,
For yours is the home, and the beauty,
And the life that sustains us,
And we would love, respect, and care for you
Now and ever, ever forward.

—R. Dennis Wiancko

In Praise of Trees

I speak a prayer for the trees,
for the skin of the trees,
the leaves of the trees,
the roots of the trees,
the earth under the trees,
and the water that nourishes the trees.
I thank our Creator and speak a prayer for the birds of the trees
and the canopy of the trees in which the birds shelter.
I thank the one presence, the great giver of all that is.
I thank the holy one, always and forever, for trees.

—Rev. Lulu Logan

Reveling in Divine Life

I stand in awe in the desert under a moonless, cloudless night, my heart as open as the infinite, star-filled sky.

I wade at the intersection of sand and sea, breathing in the salty air and laughing with the cackling gulls.

I pause at the mountain summit, joining the trees as they stretch their branches up to the sky, lifting my hands in praise.

I sing to the rising sun, in gratitude for these memories of divine life, absolute good, and unconditional love. From oneness, I bless this perfect expression of wholeness, beauty, and sustainability that is Earth.

—Rev. Todd Humphrey

Love for the Mother

Mother Earth, Gaia, reflection of the beauty that is, you fill us with joy, with awe, and with wonder. We are grateful to live this human incarnation in such opulence. As we move through each day, may we be mindful of Earth’s gifts and be wise stewards, discerning how to care for her, preserving all that is good. May we be kind to all living creatures and honor all that is nonliving. May we remember our oneness.

—Rev. Carolyn Warnemuende

The Spirit of Life

The spirit of life that moves through my body also moves through the earth.

Our bodies are celestial bodies. Stardust sparkles in my bones.

The ocean roars through my cells and streams along my interior, mixing with minerals of the land.

I breathe the sigh of leaves and am nourished by the sunlight they capture.

I am inextricably interconnected with the expressions of life in this world.

The wind is my breath, and I move to the rhythmic cycles orchestrated by our orbit through space.

I trust the divine order perfected over eons, knowing I am held in life’s eternal embrace.

—Malayna Dawn

A Prayer for Forgiveness

Thank you, Mother Earth, for all you have provided. You have hosted life for millions of years. We have eaten your grains and basked in your green grasses under the shade of mighty trees. We have thrilled to your majestic mountain peaks and deep valleys carved by flowing rivers. You have granted us sovereignty over the plants, animals, and rain forests.

We ask now for your forgiveness for the damage we have inflicted on your soul, and we pray for the strength and courage to amend our ways and restore you to your amazing splendor. Our prayer on this day is to respect and honor you, and in this way, we, too, will be restored to our natural loving and fully spiritual lives.

We acknowledge and request that the great spirit that resides within us guide us and direct us in our efforts to live as one life, one heart, one spirit.

—Rev. John Beerman

The Blue Dot

A tiny blue dot in the vast universe, Earth is our magnificent home that sustains all of life. My heart is filled with love, kindness, compassion, and caring as I pray for harmony, healing, and peace through the beating heart of Mother Earth.

—Rev. Margo Ford

Seeing the Beauty

Today I commit to seeing the beauty of all creation.
Gentle rains that fall and nourish the earth, I see you.
Tiny creatures that fly flower to flower, fertilizing plants that bear fruit and seed, I see you.
Flowing waters that refresh and restore all of life, I see you.
Beings of land and sea that together create a wonderscape of balance, harmony, and holy communion, I see you.
May my eyes and heart never become blind to your glory.
May my actions never diminish your handiwork.

—Rev. David B. Adams

The Sheltering Earth

I calm my mind and open my heart to observe the wonders of nature, and a deep feeling of gratitude flows in me.

I value and bless the fresh air that I breathe, the colorful vegetation that surrounds me, the sound of the wide sea, and each of the gifts our planet offers us.

I give thanks for the generosity and love with which our earth shelters us and blesses us moment by moment.

—Rev. Beatriz E. Gallerano Bell

One with Nature

The gift of life has placed us on this breathtakingly beautiful planet.
Do we know we are walking on sacred ground, breathing the breath of the Divine and drinking from the holy waters of Spirit?
Do we experience this divine connection with all creation?
Do we feel the healing presence of the forests and sacred redwood groves?
Do we feel the power of the ocean?
Do we see the divinity in all the animals, including us?
Ego tells us we are separate from nature. Spirit tells us we are one.
What do we believe and act from?

—Rev. Margaret Flick

Walking the Earth

It is a momentous blessing when I realize and remind myself that I am one with Earth. I celebrate my connection as I walk the many paths it has laid out for my use.

With each step, I am surrounded and lifted by Earth’s own magnificent chorale sending forth melodies through the birds in the air.

The air sometimes caresses me with gentle breezes and at other times with encouraging gusts to keep me moving forward.

I vow to be a responsible partner and protector of this, my place of connection, because I am truly grateful.

—Rev. Alberta Ware

Finding Solutions

Taking a deep, centering breath, I move with gentle purpose into the very heart of prayer.

I feel divisions melting away and all people coming together now, healing our planet with practical, innovative, easily implemented solutions that work quickly and efficiently to revive, repair, and restore the earth’s balance. Eagerly embraced, they are readily financed and immediately effective.

A new paradigm emerges now. Humanity harmonizes with nature, creating a sustainable future on a thriving planet that works for all.

—Trish Yancey

A Poem for Earth

In gratitude and love, we pause
and breathe with you, dear planet Earth.
We bask in your vast energy and vivid examples
of constant creation and growth.

We bask.

You teach us resilience and faith
as you demonstrate balance over disorder,
hope assuaging loss, and how to bloom despite it all.

We give thanks.

We practice “earthing,” feet anchored in grassy soil
or toes in glittered sand as we absorb your healing ions
and open to ancient whispers from angels
reminding us to grow, grow.

We heal.

—Rev. Bronte Colbert

Working Together

I affirm that the perfect progression of planet Earth and all its inhabitants is unfolding now.

Reveal to us, God, how to work together to protect, care for, respect, and honor each other and our home. Let us discover each day the life-sustaining elements of this earth that heal and restore. Inspire all humanity to move in harmony with the natural flow of Earth.

We are grateful, God, for the beauty, peace, and divine order we experience as we move about our day. All is well.

—Shakira Taylor

Respect for Earth

Honoring our planetary unity, I bless all life.
Remembering our oneness, I bless the land, sky, and sea in which we dwell.
Envisioning all life, I pray to create a world that coexists in harmony and compassion.
Knowing divinity as life’s source, I greet each expression of life with respect.
Appreciating the nourishment our earth provides, I treat this planet with love.

—Rev. Jeanmarie Eck

Opening to Oneness

Blessed, beloved Earth, I am so grateful to live on and within and to be supported by the bounty and beauty of such a magnificent extension of creation. I affirm humanity evolving a collective consciousness of reverence and employing actions of restoration in fully harmonious relationship with the land, water, air, and all living beings who share this planet.

I open to oneness, knowing that as a human being I am not apart from but a part of all of nature. In deep gratitude I bow in awe to the magnificence and splendor of my home planet.

—Cylvia Hayes

Gratitude for God’s Earth

Grateful for God’s great, universal earth upon which we live, move, and have our existence in God.

Grateful for the soil—feeding the seeds, reaping the harvest, sustaining life for all creatures.

Grateful for God’s grand skies—sun, moon, stars brightening and enhancing our way.

Grateful for glorious, indescribable waters of the world—vital to our survival, refreshing, cleansing, enjoyable.

Grateful we are protective of God’s great encircling globe.

Grateful for the boundless unity of spirit binding us in peace and love.

We are all one.

—Marilyn King-Compton


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