How to Use Imagination in Prayer 

Have you ever watched clouds and seen them morphing into angels or elephants, trains or layer cakes? There—a dragon! Over there—wild horses! Perhaps you’ve wished on a star, tossed coins into a fountain, or urged the dream that’s whispering in your heart to please come true.

We can use the vast, unbounded energy of our imaginations to think about what we want to see in glorious detail, to hope for things that might seem impossible, and to play with the joyfulness of positive wishes. As we let our imaginations play, it’s like shaping a ball of clay into a castle.

Sometimes we might ask for specific things in prayer: improved health, friends, peace, love, opportunities. Our creative imaginations can help us picture what those things would look like or be like and how we will feel when they manifest. For instance, if we are praying for more peace and serenity in our lives or in the lives of others, we can quietly sit and imagine what peace might feel like.

How might we encourage our children to use their delightful imaginations when it comes to wishes, things of the spirit, and prayer?

  • Play “imagine” games with them. Make up funny, adventurous stories together.
  • Ask mind-stretching and fun questions. “If you could talk to a dragonfly (dolphin, spider, hippopotamus), what would you ask it?” Or, “If you could be anywhere in the world just by blinking four times, where would you choose?”
  • Talk about prayer outside of regular prayer time. Ask, “What would be a good thing for us to pray about together today?”

For older children, ask them regularly about their hopes and dreams in detail. Listen deeply. Encourage them to follow their dreams.

Remind children that if we are praying for someone we are concerned about, we can use our imaginations to picture that person smiling, doing well, feeling strong, and/or overcoming any seeming obstacles. We can picture them receiving the good thoughts we are sending their way. We might also envision giving them a hug and telling them we love them.

If we are praying about anything in our own lives that seems difficult or challenging, we can imagine what it will feel like when things improve. We can see ourselves moving through difficulties and being more positive that better things/days are ahead. You might picture yourself smiling, feeling peaceful and relaxed.

A Prayer for Imagination in All Children

We are grateful for the loving connections we have with our precious children. We see them as the healthy, whole, resilient, love-filled beings they truly are. They are inherently creative and delightfully imaginative. As we encourage them to dream big and to be aware of their connection to God and the beauty and wonder that is everywhere around them, we give ourselves permission to do the same.

A Shared Family Prayer

As a family, we now center ourselves in love as we honor the joy and importance of praying together. We give thanks for our bonds of love and respect. We picture these bonds continuing to connect and support us in the future. As individuals, now we might each quietly speak a prayer request or share our individual dream of what we would like to envision in the days or months ahead. We give thanks for our imaginations and the power of shared prayer.

Together we affirm:

The text “My imagination is awesome!” over a child’s drawing of a city underneath blue skies with clouds

Did you know? All children are welcome to pray with Unity Prayer Ministry associates.

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