Any Change Means Letting Go

Just like the seasons, change occurs in our lives all the time. So many changes happen in so many ways. Day changes to night. Summer changes into autumn. The school year starts, and after a time, comes to an end. These are some of the recurring changes that we notice as we feel their natural rhythm.

We also experience changes that happen less often and seem surprising or unexpected. A friend moves away suddenly, or we need to change schools. Perhaps a beloved pet or loved one makes their transition. Although we can’t always plan for these kinds of changes, they are a natural part of life. Change means new experiences, new possibilities, and the chance to grow. It also means we are called to let go.

Letting go can seem difficult, especially when we don’t want to or feel we have no choice. It is in these moments that we have an opportunity to let God lead the way. Our feelings of sadness or anger don’t have to go away. We can feel them at the same time we remember everything is for our highest good. This is a basic teaching in Unity. It means that even though we may not be able to see it on the outside, God within us is always providing love and support.

Letting go may take time. It’s important for us to be gentle and compassionate with ourselves. Here are some family activities you can do to honor the process:

  • Write a letter of appreciation and love to the person, pet, or place you are letting go of.
  • If you are moving away from home, leave behind a prayer or blessing to welcome the new residents and wish them well.
  • Have a burning bowl ceremony in which you write down things you are letting go of, then burn the paper in a (safe, supervised) fire.
  • Blow bubbles! Imagine the person, place, or thing you are parting with inside the bubble and blow it into the sky. Watch it float away as a symbol of all you are releasing.

When life calls for us to let go, we remember that God is present in all things everywhere. We take time to still ourselves and feel any feelings of loss or uncertainty that come up, knowing such feelings are natural. As we let them go, we pray affirming that God is present and guiding us to our highest good.

A Prayer for Letting Go for All Children

We know the presence of God is always with and within us. We are grateful for the gift of having (person, pet, place, and so on) in our life. As we let go now, we know we will miss them and that is okay. We now release them into the care and keeping of the Divine and see only good things for them and for us.

A Shared Family Prayer for Letting Go

Together we have loved (person, pet, place, and so on) and the blessings they brought to our lives. Now we let them go, knowing they are cared for now and always. We are excited for the new things coming into our lives.

Together we affirm:

Did you know? All children are welcome to pray with Unity Prayer Ministry associates.

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About the Author

Steven Ray is a member of Unity of the Palm Beaches, Florida, where he has served as a Youth of Unity sponsor, prayer chaplain, and coordinator for the pastoral care team. He is currently studying to become a licensed Unity teacher.

Steven Ray


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