Affirmation: I let go of any concern and allow good to unfold in my life.

This article is not a recitation about a new door that opened in my life or what a joy it is to recount the tremendous success I found on the other side. This article is being written about the time in between, which is exactly where I am as I write.

Last year, I realized after 12-plus years that it was time for me to move on from my active role as senior minister of my Unity church.

I loved the role, the people, and the community, but I knew it was time to step into the unknown—the field of all possibilities.

When It Is Time to Change

One consistency throughout my professional life is knowing when I am complete. I don’t fight it. (Okay, sometimes I ask for more than one sign!) I should also note, I’ve found that Spirit-driven guidance never seems to make logical sense to my ego.

I knew immediately when my previous work had come to its end. I was 39 and at the apex of my corporate career. That guidance eventually led me quite unexpectedly to ministry.

Now more than 13 years since ordination and after leading a wonderful spiritual community, the guidance came once again saying it was time to depart.

I had some family obligations to tend to and a desire to move in with my beloved after many years of long-distance relationship, but that inner voice was the predominant motivator urging change. It pressed me to discover the “something else” I was to be doing. I would not discover it unless I let go first.

Taking a Step Into the Unknown

Of course, I would have liked to know what that “something else” was prior to stepping out into the unknown. Despite any wish to the contrary, I never receive the kind of guidance that spells out the entire map of my life’s journey. At best, I’m shown the next exit to take, not knowing where it will lead.

So here I am, awaiting the unfoldment of Spirit’s direction. One door closed. I am waiting for the next one to open.

During this transition time, it is easy to run up and down the hallway filled with anxiety, trying every doorknob or jumping out a window! Admittedly, there have been times the anxiety is so intense I have wanted to go back in the direction from whence I came.

Uncertainty about what’s next seems to be where anxiety, fear, and concern live.

However, the uncertainty of life can either be filled with dread or it can be an adventure filled with new developments!

The Adventure of the In-Between

During this in-between space, I am actively pursuing what I feel called to do without attachment to where it will lead me. I am taking yoga for the first time, learning to swim, speak Spanish, and write articles. I cofacilitate a men’s group at the San Quentin State Prison. I am a support for my family and girlfriend.

I am doing all this because I want to grow in these areas, and it brings me joy. They are the unmet desires of years, so there must be a reason they’re coming to fruition now.

This is fulfilling in and of itself. I am cultivating happiness by pursuing long-held desires. I choose happiness each day.

I know Spirit will work out the details.

I choose to let go of any fear or worry and allow good to unfold in my life. I follow my good and, in doing so, it’s easy to let go of concern as a lifestyle.

About the Author

Rev. Bill Englehart is a Unity minister based in Southern California. He is a writer and speaker, workshop leader, and instructor for Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute.


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