Each blade of grass bedecked with sparkling rain drops,
each glistening strand with ropes and garlands hung.
I knelt in awe to view the morning splendor;
the humble lawn bejeweled with dew and sun.

A million liquid crystals caught the morning sunlight;
A myriad, a multitude, a vast uncounted magnitude of sums.
The velvet lawn displayed her glowing emeralds
And called to me as if a bell had rung.

Come sit a while amidst the common garden;
the routine tasks will wait to be recast.
The lawn’s alive with burning, liquid shimmer –
dewdrops arrayed like diamonds that won’t last.

Too soon the sun will melt away the droplets,
the turf return to common earthen strands.
Come, take the time to watch the morning mystery;
see heaven’s love upon each blade of grass.


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