From a spiritual activist’s memoir to a brand-new self-help book for professionals, Unity Books has no shortage of recently published reads to keep you inspired, informed, and impressed. That’s why the team at Unity World Headquarters is proud to tell you why they recommend getting lost in these great titles to nourish your soul this summer. Check them out and snag a copy (or four!) just in time for summer.

Still on Fire: Field Notes from a Queer Mystic

Still on Fire, Jan Phillips, Summer Reads for Your Soul, by Jessica Heim-Brouwer

A devoted Catholic since childhood, Jan Phillips wanted nothing more than to be a nun. She eagerly entered the convent at 18 but two years later was dismissed for “a disposition unsuited to religious life, with excessive and exclusive friendships.” She is lesbian, and she always knew it. Eventually Phillips became a world traveler, an activist for women and for peace, and a spiritual seeker. “My activism is my spirituality in running shoes,” she says.

Phillips’ memoir, Still on Fire: Field Notes from a Queer Mystic, is both heartbreaking and hilarious—a story of religious wounding that may be familiar to anyone who has had to unravel early teachings about sin and worthiness. It’s full of lessons learned and shared, with a preface for each chapter in which Phillips explains why she is telling this part of her story and how she hopes it will serve the reader.

“Jan Phillips is a terrific storyteller, and Still on Fire traces the stories of her life—sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hilarious, sometimes infuriating.”

—Ellen Debenport, Vice President of Publishing and Content

Still on Fire just gives me hope for a better future. Not only does Jan find redemption, but she also puts everything she’s learned through her heartbreaking process into bettering the world around her and the lives of countless others. It can be heavy at times, but when she finds peace with herself and her past, it is truly awe-inspiring.”

—David Penner, Managing Editor

Unity and World Religions

Unity and World Religions, Paul John Roach, Summer Reads for Your Soul, by Jessica Heim-Brouwer

The five universal principles taught in Unity would not exist without the ancient ideas that run like a golden thread through most of the world’s religions. In Unity and World Religions longtime Unity minister Paul John Roach connects the dots between Unity and other faith traditions in detail, revealing the connections among all the philosophies. The book elaborates on the Unity spiritual principles and demonstrates how they are expressed through other religions.

Unity and World Religions might actually be my favorite book we’ve published. The title seems daunting, but it is so easy to read. Paul John Roach breaks Eastern and Western religions down in a way that is easy to digest and understand. It’s not overly academic, and he hits on lesser-known religions or philosophical thoughts and practices like Dudeism. For a book about religion, it is a surprisingly fun and refreshing read.”

—David Penner, Managing Editor

“People in Unity frequently hear that Charles and Myrtle Fillmore studied world religions and pulled together their common teachings in founding Unity. Paul John Roach outlines the five principles taught in Unity then finds their parallels in Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, traditional Christianity, and more. Even for someone unfamiliar with Unity, Unity and World Religions is a wonderful primer on the common teachings of the world’s faiths.”

—Ellen Debenport, Vice President of Publishing and Content

The Zen Executive

The Zen Executive, Jim Blake, Summer Reads for Your Soul, by Jessica Heim-Brouwer

A leader often embodies a role with the goal to inspire, innovate, and motivate others in an organization. To do so effectively, however, can require deep inner work. Whether you’re a spiritual leader, business leader, or any working professional, there are ways to act through spiritual principles in your day-to-day life while staying aligned with best business practices.

The Zen Executive: Gems of Wisdom for Enlightened Leadership, written by Unity CEO Jim Blake, speaks directly to business leaders on how they may incorporate ancient spiritual—but not religious—teachings into the workplace. Packed with digestible material and short, easy-to-consume nuggets of insight, this book is an excellent choice for a summer read.

“This is not a heavy read, and but it still leaves the reader thinking about their own life experiences—both personal and professional. The Zen Executive would often leave me wondering how I might have changed a reaction or elevated my response to something I’ve encountered in my career. I don’t think it’s just for executives either. We are all leaders in our own lives—at work and at home. This book helped me see that I can be true to my spiritual side no matter where I am.”

—Angie Olson, Vice President of Digital Marketing and Strategy

The Zen Executive is written for two audiences: businesspeople who have a spiritual side and spiritual people who work in secular jobs. Jim Blake says both can be their whole, authentic selves at work because best business practices dovetail beautifully with universal spiritual principles. He tells how he has brought the two worlds together over the past 20 years in both nonprofit and corporate settings.”

—Ellen Debenport, Vice President of Publishing and Content

“In The Zen Executive, Jim Blake makes things easy to understand for anyone reading the book. It’s really an insightful look at how to blend management skills with mindfulness practices to better not only your team or company but also yourself.”

—David Penner, Managing Editor

Adventures in Resilience

Adventures in Resilience, Sharon Connors, Summer Reads for Your Soul, by Jessica Heim-Brouwer

A perfect complement to your personal studies or next discussion group, Adventures in Resilience: Ignite the 12 Powers in You to Create a Radiant Life examines our innate powers and gifts. Readers appreciate the book’s practical, introductory, and how-to aspects of developing their 12 divine powers that are hardwired into every human being.

Each chapter includes affirmations, prayers, visual meditations, practices, and reflection questions. With personal stories and inspiring examples to illustrate how these abilities can be expressed in our daily lives, Adventures in Resilience is great for anyone who is curious to explore new spiritual principles or seeking new ideas about this century-old concept taught by Unity.

“Rather than writing a spiritual textbook, Sharon Connors recounts how she has learned to call forth and live from each of these inner powers—keeping her resilient in any life circumstance. She first encountered the 12 powers in her Unity studies, but they are attributes of God that are available to us all.”

—Ellen Debenport, Vice President of Publishing and Content

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Jessica Heim-Brouwer is a digital content specialist at Unity World Headquarters. As a University of Missouri alumna, Jessica earned a degree in magazine journalism with an emphasis in arts and culture.

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