Unity has been publishing books since 1903 and magazines even longer than that.

When Unity founders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore wanted to share what they were learning about spiritual principles, they didn’t establish a church—they looked for a printing press.

The first publication in 1889, called Modern Thought, became Unity Magazine® and is still published today alongside its renowned younger sibling, Daily Word®, a pint-size booklet of daily spiritual messages created in 1924 and now circulating around the globe.

The magazines led Unity into books. A 12-part magazine series by H. Emilie Cady was compiled into a book called Lessons in Truth, a bestseller since 1903 that remains foundational to Unity teachings.

Scores of books have been published through the years, including those by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore and New Thought leaders, plus a steady stream of booklets, pamphlets, and other magazines that came and went, such as the beloved Wee Wisdom® for children.

Today, Unity publications speak to a broad spiritual audience, and the recent addition of inspirational products has brought a playful spirit to the Unity lineup. Explore our award winners.

If you are looking to learn more about Unity, we suggest you start with these book recommendations.

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Authors’ Guidelines

Unity Books

Unity Books is the publishing arm of Unity, a spiritual movement based in Unity Village, Missouri. Through books and multimedia products, Unity Books provides resources that contribute to the Unity mission of empowering people to realize and express their divine potential for healthy, prosperous, and meaningful lives.

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Our favorite products:

Desktop Release Whiteboard
Rise Into Your Power Habit Tracker
Rise Into Your Power Habit Tracker
Inner Voice Tarot Card Deck
Inner Voice: A Tarot Deck of Affirmations
God Is! The Prayer for Protection Board Book
God Is!: The Prayer for Protection
I Heart Me! Affirmation Button
Spiritual Being: A 12 Powers Self-Guided Retreat

Our favorite books:

100 Years of Daily Word
100 Years of Daily Word
Discover Your Divinity cover
Discover Your Divinity
The Zen Executive
Worthy of Wonder
Unity and World Religions
Still on Fire


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