Unity has been creating books for more than a century. In this online series, we will speak with the newest authors and explore some of the classic books that laid the foundation for New Thought teachings.

The Zen Executive: Gems of Wisdom for Enlightened Leadership

Jim Blake chats with Rev. Ellen Debenport about how it’s okay to be spiritual at work—even if you’re the CEO. Blake has held executive positions in corporate America and is now CEO of Unity World Headquarters, a global spiritual nonprofit.

He makes a convincing case that meditation, forgiveness, and self-care can enhance a leader’s performance at work. From a spiritual foundation, leaders can also understand the true calling of an organization, establish a culture of trust, and handle inevitable changes without resistance.

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Unity and World Religions

In this book, longtime Unity minister Paul John Roach connects the dots between Unity teachings and the tenets of the world’s religions. He elaborates on the 5 universal principles taught in Unity and shows how they are expressed through other faith traditions.

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Still on Fire: Field Notes from a Queer Mystic

Jan Phillips has written an intriguing memoir about her deep desire to become a nun and her heartbreaking dismissal from the convent because she was gay. Thereafter she traveled the world on a one-woman peace mission and supported causes for women and the Black community. Her Livingkindness Foundation runs a school in Nigeria. “My activism is my spirituality in running shoes,” she writes.

Her story is funny, heartbreaking, and wry. In the video to the left, meet the author and hear the backstory of her wrestling match with God and the Catholic Church, coming out to her mother, and finding a spiritual practice she could live by.

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