Regardless of any setbacks in life, solutions are nearer than you might think, as your healing is already in progress within the present moment.

The upliftment, strength, and courage you seek are at hand. Your sufficiency of everything needed for blessing of mind, body, or affairs is at hand.

Regardless of where you are physically or how far you seem emotionally from the peace you desire, your good—your healing, your well-being, your fulfillment—is at hand.

Your healing is at hand. Healing of fears and anxieties, tensions and emotional upsets, is at hand. Release and freedom from concerns over any traumatic happenings or feelings of insecurity or defeat are at hand.

Right where you are in this moment, you are in the presence of the answers and solutions you seek.

Let the idea of healing penetrate every thought about yourself and all that is occurring in your life.

Keep turning your attention to the thoughts of healing of body, healing of feelings, healing of events, healing of conditions. Saturate your thinking with contemplation of healing, with thoughts that promote healing, words that show belief in healing, attitudes that indicate you believe in the healing power of God.

A Meditation for Healing

My healing is right here. It is in the air that I breathe, the surrounding I see. It fills this space and it lives within my heart. It is in the light of day and in the darkness of night. It is in the clouds and in the sunshine. It is in the cells and atoms of my body temple. It is in the movement of my mind and in the activity about me.

My healing is at hand. It is nearer than breathing, closer than hands and feet. It is all-present and ever available, abundant and plentiful. It is here right now wherever I am. It is mine without stint, mine without pleading or begging. It is mine to quietly accept, to bring me peace, assurance, and blessings beyond measure. Its source is Divine and that source never runs dry, never is lacking, never withholds, never denies. It is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever. It is within me every moment. I praise and give thanks for this reality. And so it is, Amen.

This article appeared in the Unity booklet Love, Healing, and Abundance: Bringing Spiritual Wisdom to Life. Also read the companion article by Rev. Mark Fuss, “Contemplating Healing: Right Where I Am.”

Excerpted from Your Help Is at Hand.

About the Author

Rev. Mary L. Kupferle (1916–2003) was a prominent Unity minister in Florida whose articles appeared in Unity Magazine®, Daily Word®, and other Unity publications beginning in 1944. With special emphasis on prayer, she inspired millions of readers through her writings, including the classic book God Will See You Through.

Mary Kupferle


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