Giving Peace a Chance by Teresa Burton

Giving Peace a Chance

Rev. Teresa Burton shares the transformative journey of finding peace within amid neighbor conflicts.

A Most Unlikely Christmas Gift by Rev. Bronte Colbert

A Most Unlikely Christmas Gift

Recalling the powerful prayer practice of a past Christmas helped one minister ease her loneliness during the pandemic.

Give Thanks for All Things by Rev. Teresa Burton

Give Thanks for All Things

Rev. Teresa Burton discusses the transformative power of gratitude, not just for ourselves, but as a tool to uplift and bless others.

Daily Word: The Past 100 Years by Rev. Teresa Burton

Daily Word: The Past 100 Years

Discover the fascinating history of Daily Word, Unity's daily devotional, and how it has evolved to inspire readers in over 100 countries.

A Journey in Gratitude, Daily Word November 2023

A Journey in Gratitude

Discover the transformative power of gratitude in the midst of life’s disappointments and setbacks.

How Daily Word Went Global by Lois Cheatham - A cover of Daily Word on a postcard over a blue water colored map

How Daily Word Went Global

Discover the global impact of Unity’s Daily Word magazine through volunteer affiliates and their unique methods of sharing inspiration worldwide.

“As you compassionately confront the unhealed parts of yourself, you will free yourself from what binds you and open yourself to a deeper awareness of God.”—Daily Word, Editor’s Letter, Teresa Burton

Cleaning Out Truth Decay

Rev. Teresa Burton shares how some unexpected good news revealed room for personal growth and how we can react when we notice similar beliefs or fears.

God and the GPS

God and the GPS

Sonia Frontera shares how an experience with her GPS showed her how to trust God, knowing she is always in the right place at the right time.

Frank B. Whitney's Divine Idea by Rev. Ellen Debenport - A black and white portrait of Frank B. Whitney over a colored photograph of a field of grass covered by golden fallen leaves and trees in autumn shedding their leaves

Frank B. Whitney’s Divine Idea

Learn about Frank B. Whitney, the founder of Daily Word, Unity’s flagship publication. Discover how he came up with the idea for devotionals.

A Minister's Journey by Rev. Sonya Milton - a compass pointing to true north, sitting on top of a map with blue pins in it

Daily Word: A Minister’s Journey

Rev. Sonya Milton shares her lifelong connection with Daily Word and how it’s been a source of inspiration, bridging chasms and providing comfort for all.

100 Years of Daily Word: Reader Reviews that Inspire and Delight! by Sandy Eastwood - a Black woman sitting at a laptop with her hands on the keyboard typing

100 Years of Daily Word: Reader Reviews That Inspire and Delight!

Read some uplifting and inspirational thoughts from Daily Word® readers as they discuss the magazine’s effect on their families, spiritual practices, and more.

Daily Word: An Anchor of Faith by Janet Templeton DeVries - a white anchor on a light blue background surrounded by white ichthyses, a symbol for Christianity

Daily Word: An Anchor of Faith

Daily Word® has touched and inspired readers all over the world. Discover how Janet Templeton DeVries uses this inspirational publication in her life.

Unleashing Inspiration: How Unity Leaders Use Daily Word by Rev. Ellen Debenport - a small sailboat sailing on the ocean as seen at the edge of a grassy shore underneath a tree

Unleashing Inspiration: How Unity Leaders Use Daily Word

Discover how Unity church leaders use Daily Word® for inspiration and support, to provide comfort during difficult times, and to introduce others to Unity.

Forging a Path to Love by Mary A. Summerfield - A drawing of a light-skinned woman with white hair pulled back walking towards a white heart in a red room

Forging a Path to Love

Mary A. Summerfield discusses how she was able to forge a path to love, creating a journey of healing and forgiveness along the way.

Healing with Affirmative Prayer by Rev. Teresa Burton

Healing with Affirmative Prayer

Rev. Teresa Burton reflects on the spiritual dimensions of healing through prayer, offering insights into embracing wholeness and growth.

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