Frank B. Whitney’s Divine Idea

Learn about Frank B. Whitney, the founder of Daily Word, Unity’s flagship publication. Discover how he came up with the idea for devotionals.

Finding God in Wide-Open Spaces by Rebecca Johnson

Finding God in Wide-Open Spaces

Rebecca Johnson reflects on finding the Silence within and her spiritual journey as guided by her grandfather’s wisdom and love for Mother Nature.

Illustration of diverse hands placed together in a circle as a team.

We Belong Together

Teresa Burton reflects on the importance of embracing diversity and finding unity in our differences. Discover the richness and depth of living beyond our immediate circles.

Finding Peace Through Service and Surrender by Carol L. Stokes

Finding Peace Through Service and Surrender

Attorney Carol L. Stokes shares her journey of caring for her cousin with mental illness, highlighting the importance of surrender and divine guidance.

How Daily Word Went Global by Lois Cheatham

How Daily Word Went Global

Discover the global impact of Unity’s Daily Word magazine through volunteer affiliates and their unique methods of sharing inspiration worldwide.

The Call, watercolor world picture

The Call

Come and join our angel team All you need to do is be kind We want to bless the world


Daily Word: Hot off the Press

Discover the story of Martin Fisher, chairman of the board for The Fisher Group Companies, the printer for Daily Word.

“No matter where you find yourself in your spiritual journey ... the Easter story is yours.” - Daily Word, Editor’s Letter, Teresa Burton

The Easter Story is Yours

Teresa Burton reflects on the Easter story and how we can find relevance for it in our own lives as we celebrate our resilience and strength.


BeUnity App: Inspiration at Your Fingertips

Take your spiritual practice to the next level with the BeUnity app where you can access Daily Word messages and inspirational Unity content.

“Releasing attachment to the past and anxiety about the future places you squarely in the present. This is where your freedom is.” Daily Word, Editor’s Letter, Rev. Teresa Burton

I Release and I Let Go

Find true freedom by releasing the past—the beliefs that once served you but no longer do. Release and claim the freedom to choose new thoughts and beliefs.

Perfecting the Recipe for Success by Meg McConahey, Daily Word

Perfecting the Recipe for Success

Anamaría Morales (known as the College Confectionista) was an entrepreneur at an early age who baked her way through college “one cheesecake at a time.”

Morning Time Poem by Melanie White, Daily Word

Morning Time

In the quiet of the morning, there is time. Time to hear a chirping song and feel the wind’s caress

“We can take compassionate action without needing to be asked. We can pray. We can care”, Daily Word, Editor’s Letter, Teresa Burton

Heart-Centered Caring

There are all kinds of love stories, but the best ones allow us to open our hearts—and to care. Read more from Daily Word editor Teresa Burton.

From Fearing the Worst to Expecting the Best By Michaelle Washington

From Fearing the Worst to Expecting the Best

After a lifetime wondering What’s the worst that could happen? Michaelle Washington begins expecting the best—and finding a healing mantra in the call to be still through meditation.

Finding Joy in Giving by Louisa Rogers

Finding Joy in Giving

Living with a poverty consciousness can keep us feeling isolated or embarrassed. But as Louisa Rogers has found, developing a prosperity consciousness can open our eyes to abundance—and to finding the joy in giving.

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