... Prosperity belongs to you as your divine right; it is your natural state.

Students of Truth should always remember that prosperity isn’t about material possessions. Prosperity is what you are. It is your state of being. Just as you take one breath without thought of whether the next one will come or not, prosperity is the flow of Spirit through you for your betterment.

Our modern misunderstanding of the concept of prosperity can be linked with the English translation of Psalm 118:25 from the King James Bible. The KJV translation of Psalm 118:25 reads in this manner: “Save now, I beseech thee, O LORD: O LORD, I beseech thee, send now prosperity.”

The English translation of this book of Scripture portrays the author as someone in a place of lack, desperation and totally out of alignment with their source. This Scripture presents Spirit as a genie who has to be coaxed and wooed in order to grant the seeker their wishes.

Now there are times in life where we may feel like prosperity eludes us, and Spirit turns its love and abundance away from us. Yet as a student of Truth, one question we can always ask ourselves is; if this power for good in the universe is progressive, loving and affirmative, why would it deny itself the chance to be more of itself through our lives?

The word prosperity translates roughly from the [Hebrew] word tsalach or tsaleach, meaning to evolve, to push onward, to break through, or break forward.

In other words, this word does not imply a specific material lifestyle at all. The original languages suggest that prosperity is about growth, pushing forward, crossing over, evolution, involution, progress, expansiveness, and breaking through. Metaphysically, what we are crossing over and breaking through are the veils of falsity that we embrace as fixed, permanent, crystalized, “real” moments in our consciousness. A true demonstration of prosperity begins with the recognition of your oneness with Spirit. From that awareness, your task is then to break through your own self-imposed limitations and take an active role in co-creating life as you desire it to be.

In the language of spiritual psychology, your ability to become more integrated, open and individuated allows more of Spirit to know itself through you.

In other words, you don’t have to beg God to prosper you; it is in the nature of the affirmative life giving Source of our being to say YES. Your role is to say YES to Spirit.

So when you feel as if you are in lack, don’t beg for prosperity, shift your awareness and say YES to the prosperity that already is yours.

Biblical scriptures were written by men and women like us, with similar concerns, worries, families and obligations. They discovered that same power for good that operates within us, to make us actualized and make our lives complete. Today, make a decision to embrace the prosperity that is yours by breaking through your limitations, crossing over your inner hurdles, and moving forward in the direction toward your goals with integrity and patience.

Take a deep breath, feel the rush of the moment, and exhale with the understanding that you are loved and infinitely provided for. The Universe is waiting on your Yes … will you heed the call?

About the Author

Rev. Jesse Herriott is the spiritual leader of Unity of Birmingham, Alabama. His current research and teaching explores the interplay of western psychotherapy with Unity teachings. Visit revjesse.com.

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