The Christmas symbol is to some a star that shone the way
to Bethlehem and to the manger where the Christ child lay.
No greater love exists than that which brings us to a place
where we can see in everyone the newborn baby’s face.

It lives within the Christ child, so it lives through you and me;
it’s God’s great gift to all of us, the gift that sets us free
from living in the darkness. It moves us to the sun
as images of God-Mind, the Christ in everyone.

The symbol then for Christmas is more than stars that shine.
It’s more than bells or cards or snow—it truly is divine.
The symbol is a heart of love we freely give away, a heart that lives in everyone always—not just one day.

May you have a joyous Christmastime, and may you find the way
to live and love and touch and see the Christ love every day.
May truth and love live in your heart, for when your heart is true then Christmas happens every day, the love of Christ as you.


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