How does one “get healthy?” Health is associated with vitality, energy, and quality of life. Well-being is a manifestation of a consciousness in which we are consistently expressing and being well.

Today, whole health is a term used to promote the integration and connection of physical, mental, and emotional experience. A holistic approach supports the use of natural resources to optimize health. How powerful it is to witness the medical profession and practitioners beginning to acknowledge spiritual beliefs as the foundation of restoration and healing.

Making the decision to get healthy is the first step on the path toward living and being healthy. “As within, so without” is a phrase attributed to an ancient Greek philosopher. We must nurture our inner selves to fortify our body temples in the realization that we are worthy of thriving in life force energy.

A Fourfold Plan

This can be achieved through an individualized health plan that focuses on the quality of mind-body-soul expression.

Physical health can be managed through movement and physical activity. Be sure to root your routine in what you enjoy. Have fun! Be a conscious eater, and choose healing, live foods that nurture and nourish. Recognize the value of consistent, restorative sleep according to what fuels your maximum energy levels. Power naps of 15 minutes or less can provide a much-needed boost. Don’t forget to make time to simply slow down and relax.

Mental health is maintained by recognizing the power of our thoughts. It has been said that “what we think about, we bring about.” Protect your mental health by monitoring the sacred spaces of your mind. Carefully filter the messages from the media and the masses. Engage in experiences that uplift, motivate, and inspire. Surround yourself with high-level people, places, and activities that promote intellectual growth and common purpose.

Emotional health emerges from being tuned in and allowing the ease of thoughts to join the flow of feelings so we are carried to a place of increased awareness. It is here that we face our fears and release resistance. Our emotional scale gauges how we are paying attention to our vibrational offerings or inner state.

Spiritual health is at the helm of a healthy living plan. Spiritual health is solidified through time set aside to connect with our inner being, higher self, and All That Is. Knowing we are one with God reminds us of our power and purpose, valor and value, esteem and essence. We are created from Greatness to embrace our unlimited good in abundant measure and multiple forms of expansion.

We must nurture our inner selves to fortify our body temples in the realization that we are worthy of thriving in life force energy.

Your Dynamic Natural Alignment

Visualize yourself experiencing perfect health. See yourself as a radiating center of divine love. Take care of your body and adorn it with beauty and comfort. Take care to clear and cleanse your environment.

Remember to remain prayerful and diligent regarding your expression as a temple of the living God. Spend time in the Silence; pray and meditate on light moving through your mind, heart, and every muscle, tissue, organ, and fiber of your being.

You are made in the image/likeness of God, and health is part of your DNA—dynamic natural alignment. You are a powerhouse of infinite intelligence and the essence of divine energy.

From this moment forward, give thanks to the M.D. (Master Deity) in charge of your care. The only prescription refill is a full dose of faith daily.

Journaling Prompts

How do I want to feel physically?

How do I want to feel mentally?

How do I want to feel emotionally?

What do I need to do to nurture my spirit?

What would bring me the most joy today?

I appreciate …

Self-Care Practices

  • Breathe
  • Spend time in nature
  • Take a time-out
  • Move your body
  • Stay mindful in the present moment
  • Rest/relax
  • Let go/release
  • Eat healthy/hydrate
  • Offer compassion to others
  • Stay in love
  • Laugh often
  • Listen to music
  • Express creativity
  • Learn something new
  • Share your gifts
  • Forgive

This article first appeared in the Unity booklet Living Abundantly.

About the Author

Veronica Walker-Douglas is a clinical social worker in Illinois and affiliated with Christ Universal Temple in Chicago.
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