Instead, God is love itself. We must turn our attention toward Spirit instead of specific problems.

Humanity has many needs. Millions of people starve to death each year. Why doesn’t God help these people?

Individuals who do not understand the nature of Spirit and how divine power is expressed turn from this seemingly harsh and uncaring God.

This is particularly true when an individual has a need that is unfulfilled. This person asks: “Why doesn’t God do something for me? I need a job. My children need coats and gloves for the winter.”

Once again we hear the cry of the human heart: “But I’ve got needs!”

The Truth is God does not fulfill needs. God is love itself. If God could fulfill a need, it would be done. No human being would ever lack for any good thing …

Two Keys to Prosperity

We have needs. There is no doubt about this. Whole nations have needs. Continents have needs. From the human point of view, it seems reasonable that a loving and compassionate Creator would provide for the needs of Its creation.

The Truth is our needs can be provided for, but not in the way we think. If God could fulfill a need, it would be done, but this is not the way the universe works. God cannot fulfill needs; the Source cannot express Itself through a need …

Spirit needs a consciousness that is focused upon It rather than the problem.

This is why the need is not the issue. A focus upon what we do not have leads to anxiety and a sense of inadequacy. When we give our attention to Spirit and allow an awareness of the Source to rise up in us, our needs are taken care of without making them the center of our focus.

Two powerful ideas are the foundation of our lives. First, God is our source. Second, a consciousness of God is our supply.

A Consciousness of God

Is there a time when God is not our source? Is there a time when our consciousness of Spirit will not provide for us?

People have prospered in the most trying times. The economic climate or the level of deprivation does not matter. When consciousness is unaffected by the rise and fall of national, global, or personal economic indicators, we prosper.

Only an awareness of God grants this way of life. Is it any wonder that it is called the pearl of great price? …

We can say we trust in God, but more is required.

We must awaken to the Presence. God is not supply. God is our source. A consciousness of God is supply.

This subtle difference accounts for much misunderstanding of the spiritual realm. Remember, God does not act through needs. The open door which allows the expression of divine power is spiritual consciousness, an awareness of God.

Divine Supply Is Not Scarce

In the physical world, we must know what the supply is—money, gold, or sand—and then acquire it. Earthly supply is valuable because it is scarce. Not everybody has it. If everybody did, it would not be valuable. For this reason, it is helpful to store the supply for future use. This is humanity’s plan.

The divine plan is this: A consciousness of God is supply.

This awareness brings us security and well-being. The divine supply, an awareness of God, is available to everyone.

It is not scarce. It can never be depleted; therefore, it does not need to be stored for future use. One has only to experience God as supply, and daily bread is provided.

God’s plan requires an awareness of what is valuable, then needs are met. Awareness and acquisition are one.

Available to All

Under God’s model, it would be foolish to give attention to the need. A deepened, more vivid awareness of the need only creates anxiety and a sense of inadequacy.

A deepened awareness of God grants us security and well-being as well as provides for our earthly needs. We do not have to make earthly matters the focus of our lives. We have a greater purpose.

The divine supply is available to all. Earthly riches are not. Some countries have vast natural resources. Others are barren. Some people are born into poverty and others into nobility.

We are not born equal, but we are created equal, for we have the capacity to awaken to the presence of God.

Earthly economics say we can hold supply in our hands and house it in banks and barns. The divine supply rests perpetually within us as a part of our spiritual nature. Through our attention, expectation, and faith, we open ourselves to a consciousness of Spirit.

Excerpted from Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay.

About the Author

Rev. Jim Rosemergy flew as a naval aviator during the Vietnam War before he became a Unity minister in 1976. He led four churches and served as Executive Vice President at Unity World Headquarters. He is the author of numerous books and was given the 2007 Light of God Expressing Award by Unity Worldwide Ministries. Visit


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