After internalizing the fact that the spirit and power of God reside within me—available at all times, anywhere, any hour, day or night—my spiritual consciousness escalated and soared to higher heights. I became aware that faith strengthens and sustains me. Regardless of any serious challenge, I could always survive and prosper.

One particular challenge, etched in my memory, made a believer out of me and charted my life anew because of the amazing and powerful demonstration that took place.

Prayer Is Always the Answer

After the loss of my dear one, I was unexpectedly contacted by a representative from my long-standing banking firm, informing me that an existing contract had to be paid in full. I thought I had another year to pay. This company had handled all my financial transactions for years and we always had a good business relationship. However, pressure continued, and undesirable effects were looming large.

There were several conversations, shifting from one person to another, but no mutual agreement could ever be reached. My last call was with an uncompromising spokesperson who still demanded full restitution. My long-standing relationship and impassioned pleas went awry.

Panic was about to set in, but in no way was that an option. I refused to falter or lose my faith. I knew then and there it was time for my divinity to stand tall and take charge. I remembered prayer is always the answer and always the saving grace.

In the silence and stillness of prayer, I can see my way through any challenge.

After becoming still and listening for Spirit’s instructions, a rather puzzling message filtered through. Reach out and go to the top! Before I could ask what it meant, Spirit said, Put your good thoughts and words together, write a detailed letter, and put it into his hands tomorrow.

A light-bulb moment occurred! The president and chief executive officer of the very institution I was dealing with was a benefactor for the students where I had recently been employed. It just so happened that he was scheduled to attend a special event with them the following day. I had never met this individual, and he certainly knew nothing of me, but I got God’s message! That evening was spent preparing and completing my assignment.

The God Connection

The next day the event went along as planned. Mr. Benefactor arrived, and at the appropriate time, I stepped over and placed the request into his unsuspecting hands.

I continued working, patiently waiting, the clock ticking. Who knew whether time or attention would be given to such an impromptu matter.

Later that afternoon a call came directly from his personal assistant. Riding back with him in the limousine, she said he had handed her the note and told her, “Help this lady. Give her what she needs. Fix it.” The matter was resolved and reversed. Praises and thanksgiving went to God, and tears flowed from my heart in overwhelming joy!

It might have appeared there was no connection between the gentleman and me, but definitely there was a God connection. That experience convinced me to always trust and believe that faith prepares the way. In the silence and stillness of prayer, I can see my way through any challenge.

Faith strengthens and sustains me in any conditions.

This article first appeared in the Unity booklet Finding Peace Through Prayer.

About the Author

Marilyn King-Compton is a longtime writer for Daily Inspiration for Better Living and member of Christ Universal Temple in Chicago.


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