“If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.”—Matthew 17:20

The use of a mustard seed to illustrate faith comes from a teaching attributed to Jesus in the Christian scriptures. He was speaking to his disciples about the power of faith, and they recognized immediately that miniscule mustard seeds quickly burgeon into bushes and even trees.

In considering this idea, I looked beyond the physicality of the seed into the influence and impact we can have on the lives of others. I considered the idea that perhaps we are the presence and activity of mustard seeds today.

Our lives are enough to influence, inspire, and invite the world into the practice of faith as a principle for living. Seeing ourselves as mustard seeds suggests we are interconnected and have the potential to influence one another. Just as a mustard seed grows into a tree and provides shelter and nourishment for others, our actions, words, and support can have a positive impact on the lives of those around us. We can be a source of encouragement, inspiration, and growth for others.

Nothing will be impossible for you when you choose to have a little faith.

In the Presence of Mustard Seeds

In preparing to write this article, I purchased a handful of mustard seeds because I know that sometimes spending time in the presence of an object creates the opportunity to understand its significance in my life and speak to my soul in ways that encourage the light and wisdom of new life.

Here is what my time in the presence of the mustard seeds brought to light and life:

  • Start small: The analogy reminds us that our spiritual journey can begin with something small and seemingly insignificant. It encourages us to take that first step toward exploring and deepening our faith, no matter how small. It highlights the importance of embracing humility and recognizing that even the smallest seed of faith has the potential to grow into something substantial.
  • Faith is a process: The mustard seed analogy emphasizes that faith is not a one-time event but an ongoing process of growth and development. It reminds us that our faith can evolve, deepen, and become more resilient throughout time. Like the mustard seed gradually transforming into a large tree, our spiritual journey involves nurturing and cultivating our faith through study, affirmative prayer, reflection, and experiences.
  • Be willing to trust and surrender: Just as the mustard seed must be planted and entrusted to the soil, our lives often require trust and surrender. We can discover more opportunities to let go of control and place our trust in the activity and presence of God within us. The analogy encourages us to surrender our doubts, fears, and uncertainties, allowing our faith to take root and flourish.
  • Everything is possible: The mustard seed analogy teaches us that faith can empower us to overcome obstacles and challenges on our spiritual path. It reminds us that even a small but steady sense of faith can enable us to overcome doubts, setbacks, and difficult circumstances. It encourages resilience and perseverance, reminding us that with faith, nothing is impossible because I’m possible with my renewed sense of faith.
  • Please wait for it: The mustard seed symbolizes hope, reminding us that our spiritual journey is filled with potential and possibilities. It encourages us to have hope and a willingness to wait for what we seek in our faith’s promises and the transformative power of our relationship with the Divine. It reminds us that, no matter how challenging life may be, our faith can sustain us and lead us to a realization of spiritual fulfillment.

The mustard seed analogy is a powerful reminder that faith, regardless of size or appearance, can grow, overcome obstacles, and radically change our lives. It encourages us to cultivate and nurture our faith, regardless of its current magnitude, and to trust in the power of our beliefs to guide us on our spiritual journey.

The Transformative Power of Faith

The mustard seed analogy impacts our spirituality by encouraging us to start small, embrace faith as a process, trust and surrender, overcome obstacles, influence others positively, and hold on to hope. It serves as a reminder of the transformative power of faith and the potential for growth and fulfillment on our spiritual paths. Remember, nothing will be impossible for you when you choose to have a little faith.

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About the Author

Rev. Kathy Beasley is minister at Central Florida Center for Spiritual Living in Orlando and senior manager for the Unity Prayer Ministry.  


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