Life can seemingly have its way with us. It can hypnotize us into believing Spirit could not be in every situation, particularly a healing challenge.

But there is only One God, One Spirit. There is nowhere God is not!

God’s Spirit within is omnipotent.

That is why speaking words of Truth and love to your mind and body help you to awaken and recognize the voice of God resonating through those reminders. It can be fearful when you or a loved one face challenges of the mind and body. Remember, God’s Spirit within is omnipotent. You have within you the strength to face your fears.

When you are able to recognize fearful thinking before it spirals out of control, you can replace those thoughts with positive words, such as “God’s Love is deep within me, ever satisfying my mind, body and spirit.” Sing it, say it out loud, and keep it running in your heart and mind just as the fearful thought might have run you.

A three-step process:

  • Recognize. Nothing will change until you recognize you are fearful, angry, depressed or whatever has you captured. Jesus recognized the “hook” of Satan (the tempter) and he called it out.
  • Recall. God’s sweet Spirit is here, now. Recall the times when you have released fears. Most important, recall that Spirit is going before you making clear your way once you have recognized the blockage. 
  • Release. Releasing is affirming, singing, dancing, walking, journaling—whatever works for you. “I am free, I am unlimited, there are no chains that bind me, I am free, I am unlimited, right now, right now!” as the old hymn reminds us.

You must “clear the ground” of your being, the garden of life, by recognizing fear as it arises.  No one would plant a new garden without clearing out the old.

Facing what we are afraid of, with God’s Omnipresent Spirit, will help to clear up old thinking. 

One of my favorite affirmations is: Reveal what needs to be revealed, and heal what needs to be healed. I don’t have to look at every fear I have ever had; I just need revelation on what I am not surrendering to God’s Omnipotence.

Deep listening is required.

Deep listening is required to do this. The voice of pain and suffering is loud, so going “deep within” is required. Ironically, you might find that there was not a deep root after all. Instead this may be just an old thought you had been carrying around, much like a weed that pulls up easily once the soil is loosened.

Science suggests that we have muscle memory, meaning if you have exercised your body in the past, your muscles will rebuild faster. We have spiritual muscle memory as well. If in the past you have prayed, meditated and worked on listening deeply but have gotten away from it due to myriad reasons, your spiritual muscle is just waiting for you to begin again. 

Remember, you are blessed and loved!

Our true nature is spiritual and God’s sweet love song is ever calling us within—to the heart of ourselves.

When you begin to speak positive, affirmative words, you’ll feel your spiritual nature resonate and begin to hum along. And before too long you feel that spiritual muscle strengthening.

About the Author

Rev. Lana Charlton is the senior minister at Unity Gateway Church, Coral Springs, Florida, and writes for numerous worldwide, national and local publications.


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