Affirmation: My thoughts, words, and actions reveal my loving nature.

Live a Life Full of Love

Love is easy. Easy-going in the way it glides and unfolds in each of us. Love is yours and mine to feel and give, as it is centered in our very nature.

But that belief—love is a universal power—can be obscured by all the attention given to romantic love (think Valentine’s Day) or the oft-complicated love we’ve grown to accept in our relationships with family and friends.

So how about ... we focus on the power of love?

Find ways you can draw from the source of love in thoughts, words, and actions every day, and let love’s light and harmony shine.

Charles Fillmore said of the power of love: “It insists that all is good, and by refusing to see anything but good, it causes that quality finally to appear uppermost in itself and in all things.”

Here are a few ways to reveal the power of your loving heart:

  • Thoughts: To think love is not easy, because it means you must think good of all people and things as you approach your daily situations, even when people and things are not showing their good side. Think love when someone cuts you off in traffic. Or, if you find yourself stewing over a remark from a coworker or a disagreement with your partner, think the best of that person. Redirect your thoughts, and you’ll access the harmonizing power of love.
  • Words: Speak love by affirming the divine love you hold within, whether aloud with others or in the quiet of your spiritual practice. Then speak with love to others. Let the joy of love flow through your words. Tell people you love them. Speak love with words of appreciation to those you appreciate. Use your words to express harmony in situations that are less than positive. Catch yourself before you speak. Think good and let the joy of love flow through words of kindness or a positive tone. 
  • Actions: The purest action of love is living true to your heart. Acts of kindness will reveal the love you are, as will acts of giving, whether you’re giving time or money.

Also be mindful of actions toward yourself.

Treat your body with care. Let it feel your love when you admire its beauty and tend to the essentials of your physical well-being—sleep, nutrition, personal care, and health.

You can also act love with meditation or other spiritual practices. Unity writer Eric Butterworth referred to meditation as an awareness that takes place in the heart.

“It is essentially an experience in and of love,” Butterworth said. “It is an awakening and unfolding of our true nature by love. Just as a flower unfolds in the rays of the sun, so the heart center opens through daily meditation and the practice of the presence of divine love.”

Love is our true nature. So let your love flow and reveal its remarkable, amazing, and spectacular power in your thoughts, words, and actions


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