Creating a Consciousness of Abundance

In a world of digital payments, electronic balances, and banking via our devices, money can seem abstract or fleeting—temporary numbers on a screen or in our minds. We might only hold paper money in our hands occasionally, perhaps as a tip at the airport or when buying an ice cream cone.

Many prosperity exercises also are done in our minds. We meditate on abundance, mentally repeat affirmations, and visualize what we wish to have. We learn exercises from classes, books, or talks on prosperity. We might walk in nature, acknowledging abundance everywhere.

All these methods are helpful, but some prosperity practices might seem too general if what we are seeking is moneysoon—in our wallets and in the bank.

Some of the best techniques come from hands-on exercises of manifesting money—using physical tools to raise consciousness, which brings forth wealth.

To me, some of the best techniques come from hands-on exercises of manifesting money—using physical tools to raise consciousness, which brings forth wealth.

One of the most powerful abundance exercises I’ve experienced happened a few years ago at an in-person retreat created by Rev. Edwene Gaines, a Unity minister, prosperity teacher, and author. We worked with the real thing—cash money—and I have Gaines’s permission to share this exercise.

Money Pouring Into My Lap

Gaines had us create small circles in groups of five each, spaced throughout the room, with a folding chair placed in the middle of each circle. There were 10 thick stacks of one-dollar bills available for each group, and every participant took a turn in the chair for about five minutes. To begin, we paused to meditate on being receptive to our good.

I sat down in the chair, feeling a bit uncertain about how this would go. All at once, everyone in my circle took handfuls of the money, closed in a bit, and began sprinkling dollars over me. So many dollars!

They scooped up more, gently tossing money above me, causing it to land on my hair, my lap, my arms. Gaines instructed us to affirm the chair-sitter’s abundance aloud during this rain of money, so their whispers of You are worthy of lavish abundance and declarations of Money flows to you with grace and ease! cascaded with the dollars. My lap, my clothes, my hair were decorated with money. The affirmations made my heart glow. The experience felt so powerful! My joy was huge!

I love the photo I’ve kept of me laughing in that chair, full of joy and delight with a lap full of money.

After we each had a turn in the chair, we talked as a group and agreed that it felt just as meaningful when we were being “money and affirmation strewers” as when we were being a receiver, because giving freely also felt wonderful. We laughed as we picked up and stacked all the bills and returned them to Gaines. They weren’t ours to keep, but the feeling of being worthy of abundance and being able to attract it were longtime gifts.

The Change Is in Our Thinking

Did my income and bank accounts immediately show an increase? In the weeks that followed, I did receive some delightful monetary gifts and increases. Mostly I felt a shift in my consciousness that I knew would support me going forward.

Is there magic in having dollar bills poured onto us? It can feel magical when things we’re thinking about show up in our lives, but we know we create our reality through our ways of thinking. As I sat in that chair, the experience trained my consciousness to connect money with ease, continual flow, and gratitude rather than worry, lack, or fear.

The experience helped me let go of concerns about money and acknowledge that I am divinely blessed.

If you don’t have stacks of dollars or someone to pour them all over you while affirming your divine abundance, maybe you can sit, hold some bills in your hand or put them in your lap, and picture a cascade of money flowing to you. Tell yourself, I am divinely worthy of lavish abundance or Money flows to me with ease and grace.

Other Techniques to Use

Here are other exercises you can use to open to the flow of income:

Give and give thanks.
Give from the heart, with love, not through a sense of obligation. Give where you feel spiritually fed or blessed, be it organizations or people. If you feel you have no money to give, donate your time. Give encouragement. Hand a flower to a friend. Offer a silent prayer. Remember to for-give. Don’t give with the sole intent of receiving. Give because it feels good and it opens you up to receive. Give thanks. To whom can you send a thank-you card or note today?

Carry a $100 bill in your wallet.
If you’d like to feel more prosperous, keep a $100 bill in your wallet or purse. Look at it often, knowing you can spend it when and how you choose. This boosts abundance consciousness and helps you remember you are not constrained by lack of funds. You decide how long you want to keep this prosperity reminder or when to spend or replace it. Don’t have $100? Use the largest bill you have for now.

Watch your words.
Try to not speak of lack or limitation of any kind. Don’t agree with worst-case scenarios that others may predict. Instead, turn the conversation to more positive subjects. Have answers prepared for those moments, such as “I know things will turn out just fine.” Or consider whispering to yourself, “There is no lack or limitation in my life,” because that’s the Truth.

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap; for the measure you give will be the measure you get back.Luke 6:38

About the Author

Rev. Bronte Colbert is a Unity minister, speaker, and workshop facilitator. She is a frequent contributor to Unity booklets and online articles at Learn more at

Rev. Bronte Colbert


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