During my childhood, my Barbie dolls were my constant companion. Her fashion, her accessories, her dream house (my favorite Christmas gift ever!)—playtime with Barbie unlocked my imagination. Barbie could do anything and be anything my mind could dream up. I now understand the concerns about Barbie's impact on body image and diversity, but for me, she always represented unlimited potential.

As an adult, I also now see that Barbie offers valuable spiritual truths we can learn from.

1. Embracing Authenticity in a World of Expectations

Barbie is often portrayed as perfect and flawless, but in a world that bombards us with expectations, it's important to embrace our true selves unapologetically. Barbie dolls come in all sizes and skin tones, differing abilities, and always exude self-confidence, which teaches us to acknowledge our unique qualities and appreciate the beauty of being genuine, allowing our light to shine brightly.

2. Embracing Change and Growth

Barbie is constantly reinventing herself, showing us that change and growth are an essential part of the human experience. As we encounter different stages in life, we, too, transform and evolve. Embracing this change with open arms and a curious mind helps us embrace life’s transitions and discover new aspects of ourselves.

3. Breaking Barriers and Stereotypes

Barbie shows us that dreams have no limits, and we have the power to break through stereotypes. She’s had more than 200 careers, including marine biologist, doctor, music producer, and even magician. This powerful message encourages us to explore our passions relentlessly and reach for the stars.

4. Nurturing Female Friendships

Barbie’s portrayal of supportive bonds among women has valuable lessons. Barbie is surrounded by a circle of friends like Midge, Christie, and P.J., and her sisters, Skipper and Stacie. Real-life girls could emulate Barbie’s friend group at playtime, creating an early sense of sisterhood to last a lifetime.

5. Honoring the Power of Imagination

Barbie ignites the flames of imagination, showing us that creativity knows no bounds. Embracing the power of imagination opens doors to endless possibilities, inviting us to dream beyond the ordinary and manifest our visions in reality.

6. Spreading Love and Joy

At her core, Barbie epitomizes love, joy, and positivity. Her infectious enthusiasm reminds us of the transformative power of spreading love in the world. By being a source of joy and uplifting others, we create ripples of positivity that radiate into the world.

As I reflect on these spiritual lessons from Barbie, I can’t help but cherish the memories of buying Barbie dolls for my own daughter and granddaughter. And when my granddaughter joined a scouting program, I was excited to get her a Barbie camping set, symbolizing the limitless possibilities that lay ahead of her. Just like the Barbie universe, I hope her journey is filled with self-discovery, compassion, and the joy of spreading love to others.

Sandy and her granddaughter holding a Barbie

About the Author

Sandy Eastwood serves as the Digital Content Strategist for Unity World Headquarters. She lives in the Kansas City, Missouri, area and is a proud mom, grandma (Mimi), and “dog mom.”


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