God plays no favorites

... We can never understand Truth or life until we give up, once and for all, the idea of favoritism in the universe, and until we stop praying to be forgiven before we have changed our own attitudes. God plays no favorites. If you have your finger in a socket and are being shocked, you can pray all you want but nothing will happen until you remove your finger.

One may say, "I was driving along, minding my own business, and a car careened around a corner and ran into the side of my car. What did I do to deserve that?" An insurance company report says that ninety percent of all accidents result from unconscious volition.

This means that some people are accident-prone. Things always seem to happen to them, not by the caprice of God or by bad luck, but by the law of attraction. Bad luck is simply a bad mental habit. You make the difference!

Every person is a living magnet

There are no experiences unrelated to the consciousness of all who may be involved. Every person is a living magnet, drawing to himself things, people, and circumstances in accord with his thoughts. The man may say, “But I was not thinking about accidents!" However, in the subconscious mind there must have been patterns of belief in accidents of a possibility, resistance of careless drivers, being on the road, and others. You may recall a time when drivers of all the cars were “rubbernecking” (gawking) at a highway mishap—accepting the idea into their consciousness, laying up pools of limitation in their minds. A good policy for such an experience if there is something you can do in an emergency, by all means get out and do it. If not, bless the people involved, say no to the negatives involved, shake the dust off your feet, and move on.

If you are having a problem, don't shift into the attitude that a "twist of fate has ruined my life." This is a cop-out.

The experience has happened, and to you, not to someone else. At this time, you may not understand it, but something in you has attracted it. Don't grovel in the "why," for this may be a subtle attempt to vindicate yourself and to implicate someone or something else. Accept the obvious fact that it has happened, and know that there is that in you that is equal to it. And most importantly, determine that you will grow through it and thus rise to a state of mind where such a thing cannot happen again.

Jesus said: "…lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven ... " (Matt. 6:20). This implies building positive realizations into your consciousness. It is like incarnating magnetism into the steel. The man with the car should be grateful that the experience has revealed where he is. Now he can alter his thoughts and regularly prepare himself for driving by affirming: The Spirit of the Lord goes before me to make safe, joyous, and successful way.

Never wish anyone good luck or pray for good yourself.

When someone leaves on a trip or starts a new job, it is common to be expected to say, “Good luck!” This is a subtle negative introducing the possibility of danger, with the hope that his number does not come up. Never wish anyone good luck or pray for good yourself. Rather, say: "I bless you with success,” or simply, "Success!" And for yourself: God’s law of adjustment regulates all the affairs of my life, and all things are in divine order.

Negative vibrations are everywhere: on the television, in private conversations, and so on. Be alert to your feelings, and settle with things quickly by remembering the Truth. You don't have to make a nuisance of yourself by criticizing negative people. Two negatives do not make a positive.

But you can deal with the negatives using a kind of neutrality and not being negative yourself. Remember, it is your mind and you cannot afford to have pockets of poison in it.

Why not revive the old idea of blessing? Neutralize negatives; bless them (which is to know the Truth about them) and project a flow of love and light that dissolves them as far as you are concerned. When you hear, read, or see something negative, instead of saying, "Oh my, isn't that simply awful?" bless itand know the Truth about it.

Begin every day not hoping for luck, but affirming: This is a wonderful day, and I am a magnet for only the good in it.

This excerpt is from Celebrate Yourself!.