The province of Córdoba, where I live, is known, among other things, for being a place where artistic, gastronomic, and cultural festivals are held in Argentina. Year after year, during the months of January and February, musical, folklore, culinary, and craft events take place in different touristic places that attract a significant number of attendees.

It is pleasant to see how people enjoy these events and how they share and celebrate, dancing and singing among the attendees who, in most cases, do not know each other, but at that moment they integrate, and a kind of community is created and it flows spontaneously.

There is an external motivator that is the call to the event, and there is also an internal motivator that consists of each person’s decision to participate with a positive attitude.

This makes me reflect on how human beings can establish harmonious and spontaneous connections when we vibrate at the same frequency.

A Common Purpose

When we have a common objective or purpose and, in addition, we are focused on our spiritual nature, everything seems to align for that purpose to come true.

In our spiritual development, in addition to our personal practice, the community experience is extremely enriching because as Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore points out, “We are by birth a spiritual race” that was lost “in our journey back to the Father’s house” (Talks on Truth, Lesson XIV).

Jesus Christ opened the way back that any of us can travel. However, it is not always easy to stay on that path, which has already been laid out by our Teacher and Guide. Sometimes we need the accompaniment of others to remind us that there is a wonderful spiritual potential, which is in the process of awakening. Harmonizing with others can inspire us and encourage us to continue forward on this journey we have undertaken.

When we have a common objective or purpose and, in addition, we are focused on our spiritual nature, everything seems to align for that purpose to come true.

Participation in events of a spiritual nature and content take on a special value in the lives of those of us who are committed to the expansion of consciousness, both individually and collectively. Beyond and above the possible external differences that may exist, internally there is a divine pattern that identifies, summons and brings us together. We could call it our spiritual matrix.

Communion of Souls

Likewise, the enthusiasm we bring to the meeting with our spiritual community determines that the event is experienced as a true celebration of the spirit. The communion (common plus union) of souls becomes a unique and sacred event.

Although awakening to Christ consciousness is a task that each of us performs internally and occurs in the silence of our soul, a shared spiritual practice is a reciprocal nourishment. It nourishes and revitalizes the different levels of our consciousness, and also our physical body. This powerful spiritual energy flows and finds fertile ground to water.

The biblical quote, “For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them” (Matthew 18:20) illustrates the importance and transcendence of the holy meeting. It does not need to be multitudinous, but it does require that the intention is of a spiritual nature.

After the encounter, the shared spiritual energy continues in us and each time we evoke that, it revitalizes and vivifies us.

Let us not miss any call of spirit to gather together and unite in a celebration of life.

About the Author

Rev. Beatriz E. Gallerano Bell and her husband Frank have a ministry in Córdoba, Argentina, called Unity, Sembrando Luz (Unity, Sowing Light), and oversee distribution there for the Spanish-language Daily Word®, La Palabra Diaria.


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