Minnie was starved for affection. Throughout the many years she and Homer had been married, he'd never shown her any outward signs that he loved her. One day Minnie couldn't stand it any longer and blurted out, “Homer, why don't you ever tell me you love me?”

Homer replied without a smile: “Minnie, when we were married, I told you I loved you. If I ever change my mind, I'll let you know.”

Homer may have thought that was good enough—that love never needs to be shared. But he was wrong.

Love is the greatest power in the world, but it requires continual circulation to stay strong and vital. It was designed to be expressed.

If we open ourselves to love, we see that it certainly has to be the strongest attracting power in creation. It binds us all together in one great and marvelous union—all part of the one God. God is love. This love pulls each of us toward our true Christ Selves, making us more and more aware of our divinity. In the long run, love is stronger than hatred and wars—the personal battles as well as international ones.

Love Is Everywhere

It is God's love expressing itself through various natural laws that holds the planets in their orbits and us in our forms as human beings. Love is everywhere.

But sometimes we humans attach strings to our love—we love only at certain times and we love only certain people. Maybe we feel we can love only the people who we feel love us or who are the same as we are. But this is not using our wonderful power of love in the correct way. The fact is that everyone is like us because we are all part of the one God. The God in you is the same God in every other person, no matter how it may seem.

If we intend to live the way God designed us to, we have to start loving everyone.

To love less than this is—are you ready?—not to love God. Our attention has to stay focused on the Christ nature of each person and not on outer appearances. We're not all cut from the same cookie cutter, so there will always be superficial differences. But we are all from the same batch of dough.

When we let the warmth of our love flow out from us in a complete circle, we touch everyone with it, and the entire world—especially our own immediate world—becomes a better place. We meet all people Christ-to-Christ, and our love automatically falls across their paths.

To love in God's way is to let it flow freely, not withholding it from anyone. This is the ideal and, as with most of these universal principles, we may not be there yet. But when we realize that everyone wants to love and be loved and that everything people do is their way of crying out for that love, we begin to feel our own love moving their direction. No kidding, it obviously takes a lot of practice to love everybody, but this is the way God loves us, and it's the way we're supposed to operate too.

And here's a super bonus: When you're loving, people can't help noticing your radiance and will love you in return.

Love Is a Mighty Magnet

Whatever we love, we attract into our lives. If we love God, we will attract blessings. Eventually each of us will realize that he or she is part of everyone else, and our love will touch everyone, because we are all one.

About the Author

Mary-Alice and Richard Jafolla are the authors The Quest and many other books. They founded Spirit of Life, a nonprofit organization dedicated to all aspects of wellness. They are former directors of Silent Unity, the prayer ministry of Unity.


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