This article is one of the Unity Classics written by legendary leaders of Unity. Some date back decades, even a century. That’s why the language may seem a bit formal, and the writers sometimes used masculine nouns and pronouns that were considered proper for their era.

How wonderful if every day were Christmas! Why can’t it be? The spirit of Christmas can and should be the continuing spirit of December 26, 27, 28, and so on, through the entire 365 days of the new year. 

Perhaps the reason that the Christmas spirit seems to get lost is that our thought and time have been given to the outer activities. The emphasis has been on the preparation for Christmas, and not enough real thought or time have been given to the spirit, the meaning, the reason for Christmas. 

One of the remarkable things about Christmas is that it is a recurring day; it is a continuing celebration, year after year.

It is a day we remember from earliest childhood; it is a day we create in all its joy and wonder for our own children. And even if along the way we seem to have lost the inner spirit of Christmas, to have lost sight of the miracle of Christmas, it is never too late to recapture it. It is never too late to make Christmas not only memorable for its outer joy but memorable forever for its spiritual light, for the rebirth of the Christ in our hearts.

This can be a Christmas that you will remember always, that will stay with you, that will live with you, that will continue with you every day of your life. The way to make it such a Christmas is to seek deep within your heart and soul for the Christ, to let your heart be a cradle for divine rebirth. 

Every day can be a day such as Christmas when we think of the Christ reborn in us and in the world.

No one ever need feel forlorn or alone at Christmas, no one ever need feel left out of Christmas joy, no one ever need feel that Christmas is just another day; for everyone—no matter where he or she is, whether in the midst of a family circle, far from home and friends, whether young and strong or in a hospital bed—can experience the joy, the wonder, the miracle of Christmas. 

Christmas is an inner experience, an inner miracle, a miracle that took place in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago, a miracle that is repeated again and again and again as human hearts awaken, as human hearts reach inward in prayer and find the Christ Spirit within, life of their life, substance of their substance, heart of their heart, breath of their breath ... 

Every day can be a day such as Christmas when we think of the Christ reborn in us and in the world; every day can be a day when we think of others and give to them of our love, our friendship, our time, our substance; every day can be a day when we let our hearts be happy; when we sing and rejoice, because of the wonder of divine love made manifest in us. Every day can be a day when we no longer search the skies for miracles but look with opened eyes to the miracles all about us, to the evidence at hand of the living, loving Christ. 

About the Author

Martha Smock (1913–1984) was involved with Unity from birth and eventually served as editor of Daily Word® for 33 years, also writing extensive articles and poems. She frequently emphasized our spiritual nature and the divine power within each of us. To read more, see the book Fear Not: Messages of Assurance or order the free booklet Messages We Need to Hear.


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