God's good is ever present in my life.

Quiet times of reflection bring greater peace of mind and renewed energy. Take a few moments to still your mind and heart as you reflect on this mindful moment from Daily Word.

My life is a channel for God’s ever-present good. I control the flow of divine substance in my life with my attitudes, thoughts, and actions. Just as water channels can get clogged, so my life can feel obstructed with ideas of fear, greed, lack, and unforgiveness. I clear any debris from my mind and open myself to a greater flow of good. 

I release the belief that anything or anyone outside of me can prevent my good. I participate in the circulation of blessings by giving generously and knowing I will receive in abundance. I keep my thoughts on gratitude and trust the constant flow of good in my life. I forgive myself and others for past hurts and receive the wealth of a peaceful heart. 

They feast on the abundance of your house, and you give them drink from the river of your delights.—Psalm 36:8

This article appeared in Daily Word® magazine.


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